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                //cover w/ skrollr values (for example data-100 for styles at 100 pixels scroled)
.logocon(data-0='opacity: 1; display: flex', data-99='opacity: 0; display: none', data-100='display: none')
    .logo wave
.hint(data-0='bottom: 10vh', data-100='bottom: -25px') scroll down

//page contents below
  | wave
  | Another take on the landing page cover: 
  a(href="" target="_blank") cave
  |  Now with another stupid name...



  overflow-x hidden
  overflow-style none //Hides IE scrollbars

  display flex
  justify-content center
  align-items center
  width 100vw
  height 100vh
  background hsl(0,80,50)
  animation color 30s linear infinite
  user-select none
  position absolute
  z-index 3

  position fixed
  z-index 2
  width 100vw
  height 50px
  background hsla(0,0,0,0.85)
  color darken(white,20%)
  text-align center
  line-height @height
  font 300 32px Comfortaa
  padding 5px 10px
  border 1px solid
  border-radius 30px
  font-family Comfortaa
  color #f39
  transition background .3s
    background #f39
    color white
    border 0

  font 300 150px Comfortaa
  color white
  cursor default

  position fixed
  z-index 4
  bottom 10vh
  width 100vw
  text-align center
  color alpha(white, 60%)
  font 300 30px Comfortaa

@keyframes color
    background hsl(0,80,50)
    background hsl(90,80,50)
    background hsl(180,80,50)
    background hsl(270,80,50)
    background hsl(360,80,50)

  padding 30px
  position relative
  top 20vh //works fine in webkit/blink as well as IE (can't test FF)
  //transform translateY(20vh) //works, but probably stupid choice for this
  //margin-top 20vh // breaks the cover in webkit/blink
  height 200vh
  font 16px Ubuntu



  $("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: 100 });

I use Internet Explorer 11. I like it for its speed, but its standards support lacks in some areas: I like to say "Make it work in IE, you're probably done."

Well, not this time, Ovi! In webkit/blink the whole thing gets nudged down 20vh declared in the .content class using margin-top...

I used "top" on the content div in place of "margin-top", now works the same way in IE as before, whereas in webkit/blink this fixes the issue. If you use FF, you can tell me in the comments if anything appears broken.