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                <body id="sink">

<div class="demo container">

  <h2 class="ui dividing header">
  <div class="example">
    <h4 class="ui header">
      <a href="">Button</a>
    <div class="button demo">
  <div class="ui button">
  <div class="ui primary button">
    <i class="shop icon"></i> Add to Cart
  <div class="ui secondary button">
    <i class="save icon"></i> Save for Later
  <div class="ui labeled icon button">
    <i class="star icon"></i>
  <div class="ui basic button">Basic</div>

  <div class="ui hidden divider"></div>

  <div class="ui animated button">
    <div class="visible content">Horizontal</div>
    <div class="hidden content">
  <div class="ui vertical animated button">
    <div class="visible content">Vertical</div>
    <div class="hidden content">
  <div class="ui animated fade button">
    <div class="visible content">Fade In</div>
    <div class="hidden content">

  <div class="ui hidden divider"></div>

  <div class="ui facebook button">
    <i class="facebook icon"></i>
  <div class="ui twitter button">
    <i class="twitter icon"></i>
  <div class="ui google plus button">
    <i class="google plus icon"></i>
    Google Plus

  <div class="ui hidden divider"></div>
  <div class="ui buttons">
    <div class="ui button">1</div>
    <div class="ui button">2</div>
    <div class="ui button">3</div>

  <div class="ui buttons">
    <div class="ui button">Cancel</div>
    <div class="or"></div>
    <div class="ui positive button">Save</div>

  <div class="ui icon buttons">
    <div class="ui button"><i class="align left icon"></i></div>
    <div class="ui button"><i class="align center icon"></i></div>
    <div class="ui button"><i class="align right icon"></i></div>
    <div class="ui button"><i class="align justify icon"></i></div>
  <div class="ui hidden divider"></div>
  <div class="ui blue button">Blue</div>
  <div class="ui red button">Red</div>
  <div class="ui teal button">Teal</div>
  <div class="ui blue basic button">Blue</div>
  <div class="ui red basic button">Red</div>
  <div class="ui teal basic button">Teal</div>

  <div class="ui inverted segment">
    <div class="ui inverted button">Inverted</div>
    <div class="ui inverted blue button">Blue</div>
    <div class="ui inverted red button">Red</div>
    <div class="ui inverted basic button">Basic</div>
    <div class="ui inverted blue basic button">Blue</div>
    <div class="ui inverted red basic button">Red</div>

  <div class="ui hidden divider"></div>

  <div class="ui vertical buttons">
    <div class="ui button">Feed</div>
    <div class="ui button">Messages</div>
    <div class="ui button">Events</div>
    <div class="ui button">Photos</div>

  <div class="ui vertical buttons">
    <div class="ui button">1</div>
    <div class="ui button">2</div>
    <div class="ui button">3</div>

  <div class="ui vertical icon buttons">
    <div class="ui button"><i class="align left icon"></i></div>
    <div class="ui button"><i class="align center icon"></i></div>
    <div class="ui button"><i class="align right icon"></i></div>
    <div class="ui button"><i class="align justify icon"></i></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
$('.button.demo .follow')
    text: {
      inactive : 'Follow',
      active   : 'Following'
  <div class="example">
    <h4 class="ui header">
      <a href="">Divider</a>
    <div class="ui center aligned segment">
  <div class="ui button">A</div>
  <div class="ui horizontal divider">and</div>
  <div class="teal ui button">B</div>

<div class="ui two column stackable center aligned grid segment">
  <div class="column">
    <div class="ui button">A</div>
  <div class="ui vertical divider">or</div>
  <div class="column">
    <div class="teal ui button">B</div>

<div class="ui horizontal divider">
  <i class="heart icon"></i>

<h5 class="ui horizontal header divider">
  <i class="bar chart icon"></i>

<div class="ui inverted segment">
  <div class="ui inverted divider"></div>
  <div class="example">
    <h4 class="ui header">
      <a href="">Flag</a>
    <i class="andorra flag"></i>
<i class="uae flag"></i>
<i class="afghanistan flag"></i>
<i class="antigua flag"></i>
<i class="anguilla flag"></i>
<i class="albania flag"></i>
<i class="armenia flag"></i>
<i class="netherlands antilles flag"></i>
<i class="angola flag"></i>
<i class="argentina flag"></i>
<i class="american samoa flag"></i>
<i class="austria flag"></i>
<i class="australia flag"></i>
<i class="aruba flag"></i>
<i class="aland islands flag"></i>
<i class="azerbaijan flag"></i>
<i class="bosnia flag"></i>
<i class="barbados flag"></i>
<i class="bangladesh flag"></i>
<i class="belgium flag"></i>
<i class="burkina faso flag"></i>
<i class="bulgaria flag"></i>
<i class="bahrain flag"></i>
<i class="burundi flag"></i>
<i class="benin flag"></i>
<i class="bermuda flag"></i>
<i class="brunei flag"></i>
<i class="bolivia flag"></i>
<i class="brazil flag"></i>
<i class="bahamas flag"></i>
<i class="bhutan flag"></i>
<i class="bouvet island flag"></i>
<i class="botswana flag"></i>
<i class="belarus flag"></i>
<i class="belize flag"></i>
<i class="canada flag"></i>
<i class="cocos islands flag"></i>
<i class="congo flag"></i>
<i class="central african republic flag"></i>
<i class="congo brazzaville flag"></i>
<i class="switzerland flag"></i>
<i class="cote divoire flag"></i>
<i class="cook islands flag"></i>
<i class="chile flag"></i>
<i class="cameroon flag"></i>
<i class="china flag"></i>
<i class="colombia flag"></i>
<i class="costa rica flag"></i>
<i class="serbia flag"></i>
<i class="cuba flag"></i>
<i class="cape verde flag"></i>
<i class="christmas island flag"></i>
<i class="cyprus flag"></i>
<i class="czech republic flag"></i>
<i class="germany flag"></i>
<i class="djibouti flag"></i>
<i class="denmark flag"></i>
<i class="dominica flag"></i>
<i class="dominican republic flag"></i>
<i class="algeria flag"></i>
<i class="ecuador flag"></i>
<i class="estonia flag"></i>
<i class="egypt flag"></i>
<i class="western sahara flag"></i>
<i class="eritrea flag"></i>
<i class="spain flag"></i>
<i class="ethiopia flag"></i>
<i class="european union flag"></i>
<i class="finland flag"></i>
<i class="fiji flag"></i>
<i class="falkland islands flag"></i>
<i class="micronesia flag"></i>
<i class="faroe islands flag"></i>
<i class="france flag"></i>
<i class="gabon flag"></i>
<i class="united kingdom flag"></i>
<i class="grenada flag"></i>
<i class="georgia flag"></i>
<i class="french guiana flag"></i>
<i class="ghana flag"></i>
<i class="gibraltar flag"></i>
<i class="greenland flag"></i>
<i class="gambia flag"></i>
<i class="guinea flag"></i>
<i class="guadeloupe flag"></i>
<i class="equatorial guinea flag"></i>
<i class="greece flag"></i>
<i class="sandwich islands flag"></i>
<i class="guatemala flag"></i>
<i class="guam flag"></i>
<i class="guinea-bissau flag"></i>
<i class="guyana flag"></i>
<i class="hong kong flag"></i>
<i class="heard island flag"></i>
<i class="honduras flag"></i>
<i class="croatia flag"></i>
<i class="haiti flag"></i>
<i class="hungary flag"></i>
<i class="indonesia flag"></i>
<i class="ireland flag"></i>
<i class="israel flag"></i>
<i class="india flag"></i>
<i class="indian ocean territory flag"></i>
<i class="iraq flag"></i>
<i class="iran flag"></i>
<i class="iceland flag"></i>
<i class="italy flag"></i>
<i class="jamaica flag"></i>
<i class="jordan flag"></i>
<i class="japan flag"></i>
<i class="kenya flag"></i>
<i class="kyrgyzstan flag"></i>
<i class="cambodia flag"></i>
<i class="kiribati flag"></i>
<i class="comoros flag"></i>
<i class="saint kitts and nevis flag"></i>
<i class="north korea flag"></i>
<i class="south korea flag"></i>
<i class="kuwait flag"></i>
<i class="cayman islands flag"></i>
<i class="kazakhstan flag"></i>
<i class="laos flag"></i>
<i class="lebanon flag"></i>
<i class="saint lucia flag"></i>
<i class="liechtenstein flag"></i>
<i class="sri lanka flag"></i>
<i class="liberia flag"></i>
<i class="lesotho flag"></i>
<i class="lithuania flag"></i>
<i class="luxembourg flag"></i>
<i class="latvia flag"></i>
<i class="libya flag"></i>
<i class="morocco flag"></i>
<i class="monaco flag"></i>
<i class="moldova flag"></i>
<i class="montenegro flag"></i>
<i class="madagascar flag"></i>
<i class="marshall islands flag"></i>
<i class="macedonia flag"></i>
<i class="mali flag"></i>
<i class="burma flag"></i>
<i class="mongolia flag"></i>
<i class="macau flag"></i>
<i class="northern mariana islands flag"></i>
<i class="martinique flag"></i>
<i class="mauritania flag"></i>
<i class="montserrat flag"></i>
<i class="malta flag"></i>
<i class="mauritius flag"></i>
<i class="maldives flag"></i>
<i class="malawi flag"></i>
<i class="mexico flag"></i>
<i class="malaysia flag"></i>
<i class="mozambique flag"></i>
<i class="namibia flag"></i>
<i class="new caledonia flag"></i>
<i class="niger flag"></i>
<i class="norfolk island flag"></i>
<i class="nigeria flag"></i>
<i class="nicaragua flag"></i>
<i class="netherlands flag"></i>
<i class="norway flag"></i>
<i class="nepal flag"></i>
<i class="nauru flag"></i>
<i class="niue flag"></i>
<i class="new zealand flag"></i>
<i class="oman flag"></i>
<i class="panama flag"></i>
<i class="peru flag"></i>
<i class="french polynesia flag"></i>
<i class="new guinea flag"></i>
<i class="philippines flag"></i>
<i class="pakistan flag"></i>
<i class="poland flag"></i>
<i class="saint pierre flag"></i>
<i class="pitcairn islands flag"></i>
<i class="puerto rico flag"></i>
<i class="palestine flag"></i>
<i class="portugal flag"></i>
<i class="palau flag"></i>
<i class="paraguay flag"></i>
<i class="qatar flag"></i>
<i class="reunion flag"></i>
<i class="romania flag"></i>
<i class="serbia flag"></i>
<i class="russia flag"></i>
<i class="rwanda flag"></i>
<i class="saudi arabia flag"></i>
<i class="solomon islands flag"></i>
<i class="seychelles flag"></i>
<i class="sudan flag"></i>
<i class="sweden flag"></i>
<i class="singapore flag"></i>
<i class="saint helena flag"></i>
<i class="slovenia flag"></i>
<i class="jan mayen flag"></i>
<i class="slovakia flag"></i>
<i class="sierra leone flag"></i>
<i class="san marino flag"></i>
<i class="senegal flag"></i>
<i class="somalia flag"></i>
<i class="suriname flag"></i>
<i class="sao tome flag"></i>
<i class="el salvador flag"></i>
<i class="syria flag"></i>
<i class="swaziland flag"></i>
<i class="caicos islands flag"></i>
<i class="chad flag"></i>
<i class="french territories flag"></i>
<i class="togo flag"></i>
<i class="thailand flag"></i>
<i class="tajikistan flag"></i>
<i class="tokelau flag"></i>
<i class="timorleste flag"></i>
<i class="turkmenistan flag"></i>
<i class="tunisia flag"></i>
<i class="tonga flag"></i>
<i class="turkey flag"></i>
<i class="trinidad flag"></i>
<i class="tuvalu flag"></i>
<i class="taiwan flag"></i>
<i class="tanzania flag"></i>
<i class="ukraine flag"></i>
<i class="uganda flag"></i>
<i class="us minor islands flag"></i>
<i class="united states flag"></i>
<i class="uruguay flag"></i>
<i class="uzbekistan flag"></i>
<i class="vatican city flag"></i>
<i class="saint vincent flag"></i>
<i class="venezuela flag"></i>
<i class="british virgin islands flag"></i>
<i class="us virgin islands flag"></i>
<i class="vietnam flag"></i>
<i class="vanuatu flag"></i>
<i class="wallis and futuna flag"></i>
<i class="samoa flag"></i>
<i class="yemen flag"></i>
<i class="mayotte flag"></i>
<i class="south africa flag"></i>
<i class="zambia flag"></i>
<i class="zimbabwe flag"></i>
  <div class="example">
    <h4 class="ui header">
      <a href="">Header</a>
    <div class="ui two column grid">

  <div class="column">
    <h1 class="ui header">H1</h1>
    <h2 class="ui header">H2</h2>
    <h3 class="ui header">H3</h3>
    <h4 class="ui header">H4</h4>
    <h5 class="ui header">H5</h5>

    <div class="ui icon header">
      <i class="settings icon"></i>
      <div class="content">
        Icon Header
        <div class="sub header">Sub-header</div>

    <div class="ui header">
      <i class="settings icon"></i>
      <div class="content">
        <div class="sub header">Sub-header</div>
  <div class="column">
    <div class="ui block header">
      <i class="settings icon"></i>
      <div class="content">
        <div class="sub header">Sub-header</div>

    <div class="ui dividing header">
      <i class="settings icon"></i>
      <div class="content">
        <div class="sub header">Sub-header</div>

    <div class="ui teal dividing header">
      <i class="settings icon"></i>
      <div class="content">
        <div class="sub header">Sub-header</div>

    <div class="ui top attached header">Attached</div>
    <div class="ui attached segment"></div>
    <div class="ui bottom attached header">Attached</div>
  <div class="example">
    <h4 class="ui header">
      <a href="">Icon</a>
    <div class="demo icons">
  <i class="search icon"></i>
  <i class="mail outline icon"></i>
  <i class="external link icon"></i>
  <i class="wifi icon"></i>
  <i class="setting icon"></i>
  <i class="home icon"></i>
  <i class="inbox icon"></i>
  <i class="browser icon"></i>
  <i class="tag icon"></i>
  <i class="tags icon"></i>
  <i class="calendar icon"></i>
  <i class="comment icon"></i>
  <i class="comments icon"></i>
  <i class="shop icon"></i>
  <i class="privacy icon"></i>
  <i class="settings icon"></i>
  <i class="trophy icon"></i>
  <i class="payment icon"></i>
  <i class="feed icon"></i>
  <i class="alarm outline icon"></i>
  <i class="tasks icon"></i>
  <i class="cloud icon"></i>
  <i class="lab icon"></i>
  <i class="mail icon"></i>
  <i class="idea icon"></i>
  <i class="dashboard icon"></i>
  <i class="sitemap icon"></i>
  <i class="alarm icon"></i>
  <i class="terminal icon"></i>
  <i class="code icon"></i>
  <i class="protect icon"></i>
  <i class="calendar outline icon"></i>
  <i class="ticket icon"></i>
  <i class="external link square icon"></i>
  <i class="map icon"></i>
  <i class="bug icon"></i>
  <i class="mail square icon"></i>
  <i class="history icon"></i>
  <i class="options icon"></i>
  <i class="comment outline icon"></i>
  <i class="comments outline icon"></i>
  <i class="download icon"></i>
  <i class="repeat icon"></i>
  <i class="refresh icon"></i>
  <i class="lock icon"></i>
  <i class="bookmark icon"></i>
  <i class="print icon"></i>
  <i class="write icon"></i>
  <i class="theme icon"></i>
  <i class="adjust icon"></i>
  <i class="edit icon"></i>
  <i class="external share icon"></i>
  <i class="ban icon"></i>
  <i class="mail forward icon"></i>
  <i class="share icon"></i>
  <i class="expand icon"></i>
  <i class="compress icon"></i>
  <i class="unhide icon"></i>
  <i class="hide icon"></i>
  <i class="random icon"></i>
  <i class="retweet icon"></i>
  <i class="sign out icon"></i>
  <i class="pin icon"></i>
  <i class="sign in icon"></i>
  <i class="upload icon"></i>
  <i class="call icon"></i>
  <i class="call square icon"></i>
  <i class="remove bookmark icon"></i>
  <i class="unlock icon"></i>
  <i class="configure icon"></i>
  <i class="filter icon"></i>
  <i class="wizard icon"></i>
  <i class="undo icon"></i>
  <i class="exchange icon"></i>
  <i class="cloud download icon"></i>
  <i class="cloud upload icon"></i>
  <i class="reply icon"></i>
  <i class="reply all icon"></i>
  <i class="erase icon"></i>
  <i class="unlock alternate icon"></i>
  <i class="archive icon"></i>
  <i class="translate icon"></i>
  <i class="recycle icon"></i>
  <i class="send icon"></i>
  <i class="send outline icon"></i>
  <i class="share alternate icon"></i>
  <i class="share alternate square icon"></i>
  <i class="wait icon"></i>
  <i class="write square icon"></i>
  <i class="share square icon"></i>
  <i class="help circle icon"></i>
  <i class="info circle icon"></i>
  <i class="warning icon"></i>
  <i class="warning circle icon"></i>
  <i class="warning sign icon"></i>
  <i class="help icon"></i>
  <i class="info icon"></i>
  <i class="announcement icon"></i>
  <i class="users icon"></i>
  <i class="doctor icon"></i>
  <i class="female icon"></i>
  <i class="male icon"></i>
  <i class="child icon"></i>
  <i class="user icon"></i>
  <i class="handicap icon"></i>
  <i class="student icon"></i>
  <i class="grid layout icon"></i>
  <i class="list layout icon"></i>
  <i class="block layout icon"></i>
  <i class="zoom icon"></i>
  <i class="zoom out icon"></i>
  <i class="resize vertical icon"></i>
  <i class="resize horizontal icon"></i>
  <i class="maximize icon"></i>
  <i class="crop icon"></i>
  <i class="cocktail icon"></i>
  <i class="road icon"></i>
  <i class="flag icon"></i>
  <i class="book icon"></i>
  <i class="gift icon"></i>
  <i class="leaf icon"></i>
  <i class="fire icon"></i>
  <i class="plane icon"></i>
  <i class="magnet icon"></i>
  <i class="legal icon"></i>
  <i class="lemon icon"></i>
  <i class="world icon"></i>
  <i class="travel icon"></i>
  <i class="shipping icon"></i>
  <i class="money icon"></i>
  <i class="lightning icon"></i>
  <i class="rain icon"></i>
  <i class="treatment icon"></i>
  <i class="suitcase icon"></i>
  <i class="bar icon"></i>
  <i class="flag outline icon"></i>
  <i class="flag checkered icon"></i>
  <i class="puzzle icon"></i>
  <i class="fire extinguisher icon"></i>
  <i class="rocket icon"></i>
  <i class="anchor icon"></i>
  <i class="bullseye icon"></i>
  <i class="sun icon"></i>
  <i class="moon icon"></i>
  <i class="fax icon"></i>
  <i class="life ring icon"></i>
  <i class="bomb icon"></i>
  <i class="crosshairs icon"></i>
  <i class="asterisk icon"></i>
  <i class="certificate icon"></i>
  <i class="circle icon"></i>
  <i class="quote left icon"></i>
  <i class="quote right icon"></i>
  <i class="ellipsis horizontal icon"></i>
  <i class="ellipsis vertical icon"></i>
  <i class="cube icon"></i>
  <i class="cubes icon"></i>
  <i class="circle notched icon"></i>
  <i class="circle thin icon"></i>
  <i class="checkmark icon"></i>
  <i class="remove icon"></i>
  <i class="checkmark box icon"></i>
  <i class="move icon"></i>
  <i class="add circle icon"></i>
  <i class="minus circle icon"></i>
  <i class="remove circle icon"></i>
  <i class="check circle icon"></i>
  <i class="remove circle outline icon"></i>
  <i class="check circle outline icon"></i>
  <i class="plus icon"></i>
  <i class="minus icon"></i>
  <i class="add square icon"></i>
  <i class="radio icon"></i>
  <i class="selected radio icon"></i>
  <i class="minus square icon"></i>
  <i class="minus square outline icon"></i>
  <i class="check square icon"></i>
  <i class="plus square outline icon"></i>
  <i class="film icon"></i>
  <i class="sound icon"></i>
  <i class="photo icon"></i>
  <i class="bar chart icon"></i>
  <i class="camera retro icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow circle outline down icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow circle outline up icon"></i>
  <i class="chevron left icon"></i>
  <i class="chevron right icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow left icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow right icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow up icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow down icon"></i>
  <i class="chevron up icon"></i>
  <i class="chevron down icon"></i>
  <i class="pointing right icon"></i>
  <i class="pointing left icon"></i>
  <i class="pointing up icon"></i>
  <i class="pointing down icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow circle left icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow circle right icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow circle up icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow circle down icon"></i>
  <i class="caret down icon"></i>
  <i class="caret up icon"></i>
  <i class="caret left icon"></i>
  <i class="caret right icon"></i>
  <i class="angle double left icon"></i>
  <i class="angle double right icon"></i>
  <i class="angle double up icon"></i>
  <i class="angle double down icon"></i>
  <i class="angle left icon"></i>
  <i class="angle right icon"></i>
  <i class="angle up icon"></i>
  <i class="angle down icon"></i>
  <i class="chevron circle left icon"></i>
  <i class="chevron circle right icon"></i>
  <i class="chevron circle up icon"></i>
  <i class="chevron circle down icon"></i>
  <i class="toggle down icon"></i>
  <i class="toggle up icon"></i>
  <i class="toggle right icon"></i>
  <i class="long arrow down icon"></i>
  <i class="long arrow up icon"></i>
  <i class="long arrow left icon"></i>
  <i class="long arrow right icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow circle outline right icon"></i>
  <i class="arrow circle outline left icon"></i>
  <i class="toggle left icon"></i>
  <i class="power icon"></i>
  <i class="trash icon"></i>
  <i class="disk outline icon"></i>
  <i class="desktop icon"></i>
  <i class="laptop icon"></i>
  <i class="tablet icon"></i>
  <i class="mobile icon"></i>
  <i class="game icon"></i>
  <i class="keyboard icon"></i>
  <i class="folder icon"></i>
  <i class="folder open icon"></i>
  <i class="level up icon"></i>
  <i class="level down icon"></i>
  <i class="file icon"></i>
  <i class="file outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file text icon"></i>
  <i class="file text outline icon"></i>
  <i class="folder outline icon"></i>
  <i class="folder open outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file pdf outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file word outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file excel outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file powerpoint outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file image outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file archive outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file audio outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file video outline icon"></i>
  <i class="file code outline icon"></i>
  <i class="barcode icon"></i>
  <i class="qrcode icon"></i>
  <i class="fork icon"></i>
  <i class="html5 icon"></i>
  <i class="css3 icon"></i>
  <i class="rss square icon"></i>
  <i class="openid icon"></i>
  <i class="database icon"></i>
  <i class="heart icon"></i>
  <i class="star icon"></i>
  <i class="empty star icon"></i>
  <i class="thumbs outline up icon"></i>
  <i class="thumbs outline down icon"></i>
  <i class="star half icon"></i>
  <i class="empty heart icon"></i>
  <i class="smile icon"></i>
  <i class="frown icon"></i>
  <i class="meh icon"></i>
  <i class="star half empty icon"></i>
  <i class="thumbs up icon"></i>
  <i class="thumbs down icon"></i>
  <i class="music icon"></i>
  <i class="video play outline icon"></i>
  <i class="volume off icon"></i>
  <i class="volume down icon"></i>
  <i class="volume up icon"></i>
  <i class="record icon"></i>
  <i class="step backward icon"></i>
  <i class="fast backward icon"></i>
  <i class="backward icon"></i>
  <i class="play icon"></i>
  <i class="pause icon"></i>
  <i class="stop icon"></i>
  <i class="forward icon"></i>
  <i class="fast forward icon"></i>
  <i class="step forward icon"></i>
  <i class="eject icon"></i>
  <i class="unmute icon"></i>
  <i class="mute icon"></i>
  <i class="video play icon"></i>
  <i class="marker icon"></i>
  <i class="coffee icon"></i>
  <i class="food icon"></i>
  <i class="building outline icon"></i>
  <i class="hospital icon"></i>
  <i class="emergency icon"></i>
  <i class="first aid icon"></i>
  <i class="military icon"></i>
  <i class="h icon"></i>
  <i class="location arrow icon"></i>
  <i class="space shuttle icon"></i>
  <i class="university icon"></i>
  <i class="building icon"></i>
  <i class="paw icon"></i>
  <i class="spoon icon"></i>
  <i class="car icon"></i>
  <i class="taxi icon"></i>
  <i class="tree icon"></i>
  <i class="table icon"></i>
  <i class="columns icon"></i>
  <i class="sort icon"></i>
  <i class="sort ascending icon"></i>
  <i class="sort descending icon"></i>
  <i class="sort alphabet ascending icon"></i>
  <i class="sort alphabet descending icon"></i>
  <i class="sort content ascending icon"></i>
  <i class="sort content descending icon"></i>
  <i class="sort numeric ascending icon"></i>
  <i class="sort numeric descending icon"></i>
  <i class="font icon"></i>
  <i class="bold icon"></i>
  <i class="italic icon"></i>
  <i class="text height icon"></i>
  <i class="text width icon"></i>
  <i class="align left icon"></i>
  <i class="align center icon"></i>
  <i class="align right icon"></i>
  <i class="align justify icon"></i>
  <i class="list icon"></i>
  <i class="outdent icon"></i>
  <i class="indent icon"></i>
  <i class="linkify icon"></i>
  <i class="cut icon"></i>
  <i class="copy icon"></i>
  <i class="attach icon"></i>
  <i class="save icon"></i>
  <i class="content icon"></i>
  <i class="unordered list icon"></i>
  <i class="ordered list icon"></i>
  <i class="strikethrough icon"></i>
  <i class="underline icon"></i>
  <i class="paste icon"></i>
  <i class="unlink icon"></i>
  <i class="superscript icon"></i>
  <i class="subscript icon"></i>
  <i class="header icon"></i>
  <i class="paragraph icon"></i>
  <i class="euro icon"></i>
  <i class="pound icon"></i>
  <i class="dollar icon"></i>
  <i class="rupee icon"></i>
  <i class="yen icon"></i>
  <i class="ruble icon"></i>
  <i class="won icon"></i>
  <i class="lira icon"></i>
  <i class="twitter square icon"></i>
  <i class="facebook square icon"></i>
  <i class="linkedin square icon"></i>
  <i class="github square icon"></i>
  <i class="twitter icon"></i>
  <i class="facebook icon"></i>
  <i class="github icon"></i>
  <i class="pinterest icon"></i>
  <i class="pinterest square icon"></i>
  <i class="google plus square icon"></i>
  <i class="google plus icon"></i>
  <i class="linkedin icon"></i>
  <i class="github alternate icon"></i>
  <i class="maxcdn icon"></i>
  <i class="bitcoin icon"></i>
  <i class="youtube square icon"></i>
  <i class="youtube icon"></i>
  <i class="xing icon"></i>
  <i class="xing square icon"></i>
  <i class="youtube play icon"></i>
  <i class="dropbox icon"></i>
  <i class="stack overflow icon"></i>
  <i class="instagram icon"></i>
  <i class="flickr icon"></i>
  <i class="adn icon"></i>
  <i class="bitbucket icon"></i>
  <i class="bitbucket square icon"></i>
  <i class="tumblr icon"></i>
  <i class="tumblr square icon"></i>
  <i class="apple icon"></i>
  <i class="windows icon"></i>
  <i class="android icon"></i>
  <i class="linux icon"></i>
  <i class="dribbble icon"></i>
  <i class="skype icon"></i>
  <i class="foursquare icon"></i>
  <i class="trello icon"></i>
  <i class="gittip icon"></i>
  <i class="vk icon"></i>
  <i class="weibo icon"></i>
  <i class="renren icon"></i>
  <i class="pagelines icon"></i>
  <i class="stack exchange icon"></i>
  <i class="vimeo icon"></i>
  <i class="slack icon"></i>
  <i class="wordpress icon"></i>
  <i class="yahoo icon"></i>
  <i class="google icon"></i>
  <i class="reddit icon"></i>
  <i class="reddit square icon"></i>
  <i class="stumbleupon circle icon"></i>
  <i class="stumbleupon icon"></i>
  <i class="delicious icon"></i>
  <i class="digg icon"></i>
  <i class="pied piper icon"></i>
  <i class="pied piper alternate icon"></i>
  <i class="drupal icon"></i>
  <i class="joomla icon"></i>
  <i class="behance icon"></i>
  <i class="behance square icon"></i>
  <i class="steam icon"></i>
  <i class="steam square icon"></i>
  <i class="spotify icon"></i>
  <i class="deviantart icon"></i>
  <i class="soundcloud icon"></i>
  <i class="vine icon"></i>
  <i class="codepen icon"></i>
  <i class="jsfiddle icon"></i>
  <i class="rebel icon"></i>
  <i class="empire icon"></i>
  <i class="git square icon"></i>
  <i class="git icon"></i>
  <i class="hacker news icon"></i>
  <i class="tencent weibo icon"></i>
  <i class="qq icon"></i>
  <i class="wechat icon"></i>
  <i class="like icon"></i>
  <i class="favorite icon"></i>
  <i class="video icon"></i>
  <i class="check icon"></i>
  <i class="remove icon"></i>
  <i class="close icon"></i>
  <i class="cancel icon"></i>
  <i class="delete icon"></i>
  <i class="x icon"></i>
  <i class="zoom in icon"></i>
  <i class="magnify icon"></i>
  <i class="shutdown icon"></i>
  <i class="signal icon"></i>
  <i class="clock icon"></i>
  <i class="time icon"></i>
  <i class="play circle outline icon"></i>
  <i class="clockwise icon"></i>
  <i class="headphone icon"></i>
  <i class="volume off icon"></i>
  <i class="camera icon"></i>
  <i class="video camera icon"></i>
  <i class="picture icon"></i>
  <i class="pencil icon"></i>
  <i class="compose icon"></i>
  <i class="point icon"></i>
  <i class="tint icon"></i>
  <i class="signup icon"></i>
  <i class="plus circle icon"></i>
  <i class="minus circle icon"></i>
  <i class="dont icon"></i>
  <i class="minimize icon"></i>
  <i class="add icon"></i>
  <i class="eye icon"></i>
  <i class="attention icon"></i>
  <i class="cart icon"></i>
  <i class="plane icon"></i>
  <i class="shuffle icon"></i>
  <i class="talk icon"></i>
  <i class="chat icon"></i>
  <i class="shopping cart icon"></i>
  <i class="bar graph icon"></i>
  <i class="key icon"></i>
  <i class="privacy icon"></i>
  <i class="cogs icon"></i>
  <i class="discussions icon"></i>
  <i class="like outline icon"></i>
  <i class="dislike outline icon"></i>
  <i class="heart outline icon"></i>
  <i class="log out icon"></i>
  <i class="thumb tack icon"></i>
  <i class="winner icon"></i>
  <i class="bookmark outline icon"></i>
  <i class="phone square icon"></i>
  <i class="phone square icon"></i>
  <i class="credit card icon"></i>
  <i class="rss icon"></i>
  <i class="hdd outline icon"></i>
  <i class="bullhorn icon"></i>
  <i class="bell icon"></i>
  <i class="hand outline right icon"></i>
  <i class="hand outline left icon"></i>
  <i class="hand outline up icon"></i>
  <i class="hand outline down icon"></i>
  <i class="globe icon"></i>
  <i class="wrench icon"></i>
  <i class="briefcase icon"></i>
  <i class="group icon"></i>
  <i class="flask icon"></i>
  <i class="sidebar icon"></i>
  <i class="bars icon"></i>
  <i class="list ul icon"></i>
  <i class="list ol icon"></i>
  <i class="numbered list icon"></i>
  <i class="magic icon"></i>
  <i class="truck icon"></i>
  <i class="currency icon"></i>
  <i class="triangle down icon"></i>
  <i class="dropdown icon"></i>
  <i class="triangle up icon"></i>
  <i class="triangle left icon"></i>
  <i class="triangle right icon"></i>
  <i class="envelope icon"></i>
  <i class="conversation icon"></i>
  <i class="lightning icon"></i>
  <i class="umbrella icon"></i>
  <i class="lightbulb icon"></i>
  <i class="suitcase icon"></i>
  <i class="bell outline icon"></i>
  <i class="ambulance icon"></i>
  <i class="medkit icon"></i>
  <i class="fighter jet icon"></i>
  <i class="beer icon"></i>
  <i class="plus square icon"></i>
  <i class="computer icon"></i>
  <i class="circle outline icon"></i>
  <i class="spinner icon"></i>
  <i class="gamepad icon"></i>
  <i class="star half full icon"></i>
  <i class="remove link icon"></i>
  <i class="question icon"></i>
  <i class="attention icon"></i>
  <i class="eraser icon"></i>
  <i class="microphone icon"></i>
  <i class="microphone slash icon"></i>
  <i class="shield icon"></i>
  <i class="target icon"></i>
  <i class="play circle icon"></i>
  <i class="pencil square icon"></i>
  <i class="compass icon"></i>
  <i class="eur icon"></i>
  <i class="gbp icon"></i>
  <i class="usd icon"></i>
  <i class="inr icon"></i>
  <i class="jpy icon"></i>
  <i class="rub icon"></i>
  <i class="krw icon"></i>
  <i class="btc icon"></i>
  <i class="try icon"></i>
  <i class="zip icon"></i>
  <i class="dot circle outline icon"></i>
  <i class="sliders icon"></i>
  <i class="graduation icon"></i>
  <i class="weixin icon"></i>

<div class="ui divider"></div>

<i class="circular users icon"></i>
<i class="circular inverted users icon"></i>
<i class="circular settings icon"></i>
<i class="circular settings icon"></i>
<i class="bordered users icon"></i>
<i class="bordered inverted black users icon"></i>
<i class="spinner loading icon"></i>
<i class="notched circle loading icon"></i>
<i class="circular teal users icon"></i>
<i class="circular inverted teal users icon"></i>
<i class="bordered teal users icon"></i>
<i class="bordered inverted teal users icon"></i>
<i class="small settin