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A game about smashing cubes. Really just a prototype at the moment. Also officially hosted here: menja.cmiller.tech

The whole thing is only 8kB when minified/gzipped, which I'm pretty happy with.

Menja is built from scratch using my custom 3D renderer and Menger Sponge algorithm. The renderer is not at all efficient compared to WebGL, but it's tiny!

While the code here is editable, the Github repo is better organized.


  1. Awesome..

    The slo-mo feature is just mind-blowing ..

  2. I didn tknow that the game as Fruit Ninja can be made it in JS . You showed me ! Well done mate !

  3. This looks amazing. I gave it 3 hearts but would give it 100 if I could.

  4. Great work! Smooth experience and that output size, impressive! :)

  5. @rajatkantinandi Thanks! If you like the slow mo you might be interested in another game I made a few years ago, Supernova. Slow mo comes into play around wave 3.

    @Vlad1988 Thanks, yeah these days I don't think there's much JS can't do :)

    @alvaromontoro Aw shucks, thanks for the love!

    @cvaneenige Thanks Colin, appreciated!

  6. Really Enjoying!!

  7. I just started coding. This kind of work inspires me so much :) Love your work man!

  8. Wow! awesome!!

  9. excuse me! why menja doesn't work in android webview ?

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