A list of useful sites i use and i suggest you check them out. Will be updated over time

Font Awesome: Thousands of high-quality icons for HTML

Canva: Free online graphic deisgn

CSS3 Transitions: Use CSS transition for uncomplicated simple animations

freeCodeCamp: 1000+ challenges to learn Front End

FCC Forums: Great community for help with coding needs

Media Query: Responsive Web Design

Flex Box: Very simple and powerful; combine with Media Query

ScreenFly - Test reponsiveness

Coolors: Generate a random color scheme

Top rated color combinations

Box Shadows: To add depth

Inspiration: Hundreds of Codepens' for ideas

My Helpful Coding Playlist

Write on Web: drawing on screen

Ruler Measurement: find the size of an element

WhatFont: Extract fonts from your favorite web pages

ColorZilla: Extract colors from webpages

Basic FCC ES6 study guide

Raleway - Nice modern font

Just finished my Protfilo Page --> https://codepen.io/Mike-was-here123/full/zMWrwx