Troyanda (meaning Player) - a player of your controls, She is afraid to attack Killer.

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  • Troyanda: Hey (00:00)
  • Troyanda: NOT AGAIN (00:05)
  • Troyanda: yay ∗growls∗ ∗some attacks∗ ∗dodge and fighting sounds∗ ∗floats up∗ ∗flying∗ ∗flying again∗ ∗flying again, loud bangs∗ (<TIME>)
  • Troyanda: WHY KILLER FOLLOWING ME? ∗growls and shoots with power∗ Come on! Come on! OK! Hahaha! (<TIME>)
  • Troyanda: AAAAHH!! NOT THE- (02:09)
  • Troyanda: tralalala that's ok... gg YES!! WHY I GO BACKWARDS? .. no, FORWARD!! it's yes yep :/ Let's go backwards! Yeah! YOU SHALL GO BACK! maybe finished ∗maybe hides∗ (<TIME>)
  • Troyanda: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (03:22)
  • Troyanda: ∗cries∗ Hmmm.. I - BACK! ∗cries∗ STOP! That's good(<TIME>)
  • Troyanda: STOP! "good" or "bad" (04:06)
  • Troyanda: Bye! (05:46)
  • Troyanda: ∗says to invite∗ (05:58)
  • Troyanda: NOT AGAIN! (06:19)
  • Troyanda: OH NO... NOT AGAIN! Hmm... Got you! (<TIME>)
  • Troyanda: No! (07:10)
  • Troyanda: That hurts (07:55)
  • Troyanda: But... Yes! OK! NO! You.. you.. you? (<TIME>)
  • Troyanda: I INVITE YOU! (09:07)
  • Troyanda: Ouch! NO DON'T KILL ME! (<TIME>)


  • Fae Trickster is she, any class is he, it will be work in button "J" on your keyboard.

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