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Jade(HTML) + SCSS(CSS) implementation of loading animation by Marcel: http://dribbble.com/shots/881970-Loader-02-WIP-Animation

upd_01: Added variables for number of bars and margin between bars upd_02: Some variations: http://codepen.io/MaxStalker/pen/yGAxE http://codepen.io/MaxStalker/pen/eLkKB http://codepen.io/MaxStalker/pen/naDHh


  1. this looks great! skeumorphism ftw.

  2. @unmeshpro - love that variant as well. I also was thinking to use box-shadows first, but then I thought it would be less flexible.

  3. its cool loading bars :D

  4. Really nice one. Thinking of how it would look in flat design with flat shadows :)

  5. Awesome! Very customizable too. I made a smaller version: http://codepen.io/GRSimon/pen/flriA

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