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Just a code experiment I did to see whether I could create a popping bubble in canvas without using images.


  1. doesn't work on my amazing firefox browser :/

  2. Very nice..

  3. @vsync What's your FF version and OS? I tested on OSX FF 53 & Win 10 FF 53 and had no issues.

    @akashbijwe Thanks buddy!

  4. What do you need to change in the javascript to have the bubbles falling from the top of the canvas rather than floating up from the bottom?

  5. @er40

    92 to this.count = this.yOff * -1; 52 to if(bubbles[i].count > canvas.height + bubbles[i].radius) { 53 to bubbles[i].count = bubbles[i].yOff * -1; 55 to bubbles[i].count += bubbleSpeed;

    Looks like some of the var names weren't named in a way to be easily understood, sorry about that - I will refactor this to make it more readable later this week.

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