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Full-page background made with JavaScript and Canvas: the animation follows movement on non-touch devices

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  1. Yes it's true, I've just cloned it!

  2. ..ti piace vincere facile..

  3. This is brilliant. Is it possible to make this work with touch?

  4. It could be implemented for touch devices

  5. @NCBurton heya! original write of the code here :) Yes you could make this work with touch, I listened to the 'mousemove' event to get the particles to follow the mouse but you could adapt this to listen to the 'touchstart' and 'touchmove' events to do the same thing.

  6. Is it possible to set it on the body background or only on headers?

  7. Hey, I don’t know why I can’t visualize it. Can any one help me please??

  8. How do I use this with ReactJs?

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