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Some css3 loading animations experiments. Have fun and remember to share what you learn :)


  1. Hello, i'm pretty new in the Website Design scene, and i was wondering if you could help me figure out how to reposition Loading 6

  2. @EnigmaticVoid Loading 6 is a bit different because each letters are a div with a float: left; If you want to reposition the container, you have to add a "position: absolute;" on the container (div.letter-holder) and add a "position: relative" to the parent element. Then you can play with left: 20px; right: 30px, and so ... . It's one way and there is lot of other way to reposition it. By the way this pen is old. Some loaders needs a bit of rework :)


  4. looks cool and i like the colors thanks for this

  5. Excellent work Manoz! Thank you very much for this approach!

  6. Man these are awesome! Great job

  7. amazing! (i clicked without looking at the title and thought this is a dashboard :D)

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