my personal one note

I think that having good software to work with is good. And having good applications to help you do your work as well. Althought, apps will replace good ethics and discipline, I do find a good amount of help in some.

I won't be writing about plugins for code here, this is simply what helps me in general to do what I have to do.

1.- BeFocused: a pomodoro app. It's super simple. There is nothing complicated about it, it's a timer. You create your tasks for the day, you click play, and set the time intervals. It helps me in two ways. If I run the cycle too many times, I know I am stuck and I need help. I find this hard to think about sometimes, but the app helps me remind me I can move forward faster If I share my errors. Also, equally important, I completely loose the track of time when I work sometimes, so the app reminds me to take a quick break every other interval, and a larger break after a few. I find this incredibly helpful!

You can find it here: BeFocused

2.- OneNote: yes, one note. For tracking different projects, or different parts of a project, as well as the information I may or may not have. Keeping track of notes, bugs, references, etc etc etc.. it's such a great help. I'm often surprised people don't mention it more when talking about apps that help at improving productivity. It's my go to notebook for everything as well other than work.

You can find it here: oneNote

3.- BonsaiApp for Invoicing: I decided to include this here, because I do freelancing every now and then. I really like taking on small projects, but I am not great at legal or financing.. and Bonsai definitely helps when creating contracts, signing, keeping track of invoinces, sending reminders... etc etc.. It's such a good help and takes such a weight off myshoulders!

You can find it here: BonsaiApp

4.- Of course, code tracking we all know about GitHub, GitLab, and the tools of the trade. And I love them all, but that's material for another post!