<a class="btn" href="#/">I am a button</a>

  <a class="btn unstyled" href="#/">I am an Unstyled Button</a>

  <a class="btn unstyled-all" href="#/">I am a Button with the All Property</a>
p {
  margin: 15px;

.unstyled:hover {
  color: revert;
  background: revert;
  transition: initial;
  cursor: initial;
  text-decoration: revert;
  text-align: initial;
  letter-spacing: initial;
  font-size: revert;
  outline: initial;
  border: initial;
  border-radius: initial;
  display: initial;
  line-height: initial;
  padding: initial;
  text-transform: initial;
  vertical-align: initial;
  box-shadow: initial;

.unstyled-all {
  &:hover {
    all: revert;
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