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<div class="left"><table width="100%" border="0">
		<td width="200" rowspan="2" valign="top"><table width="200" bgcolor="#8dc3dc">
		<td><img src="" width="200" height="200" alt=""/><br>
			<br>About The Writings<br>
			<br>About The Author<br>
<div class="center">This is using DIV.<div class="fixed"><img src="" width="12" height="150" alt=""/></div>
<h2>all is connected</h2>
<p>361. Not many people have difficulty accepting that everything belongs<br>
somehow to the same universe. Not that we can prove it, but it seems<br>
logical. That the totality of everything is as a person, in whom we and all<br>
things have our being, is easily dismissed as nonsense. Yet it is what this<br>
booklet states: that we exist in, with, and before, a personal I AM.</p>
<p>362. Saying the first name I AM with the desire to feel a personal<br>
closeness to One Holy, leads us to a direct contact with the one who is<br>
life's totality. It includes that we touch upon those parts of reality that<br>
transcend everything. But we can safely leave it up to One Holy, to be<br>
aware of and treasure these ever evolving realms.</p>
<p>363. Many see no practical relevance in trying to figure out things like this.<br>
The thought of being connected may be interesting, but so what? We are<br>
still here. It is different, however, with the second name of life's totality,<br>
Love. Taking that name seriously will clearly have an immediate bearing<br>
on us personally, and also on many pressing social and global issues.</p>
<p>364. If, as stated, the essence, color and music of life is love, then at least<br>
we have a standard by which to compare how we, other people, society,<br>
and nature, perform. If Love is all, then the way we are connected with<br>
what is around and within us will somehow have the characteristics of<br>
making love, in its broadest possible sense. And indeed, this is the case.</p>
<p>365. Then there is the third name of I AM, Truth. It seals the exquisite<br>
nature of the universe by declaring that everything of and in it, is the<br>
volume and substance of His/Her 'person'. Nothing is outside of Truth<br>
occurring. The repercussion of this is monumental. There is not such a<br>
thing as 'our' or 'their' or 'a' truth. We all form reality together.</p>
<p>366. All that we are, good or bad, our past, present and future, and what<br>
we were before being born on earth, it is all included in our unique<br>
contribution to the universal happening of life. The fourth name covers it.<br>
The fourth of the seven names of the totality of all existence is 'Proper'.<br>
It means that everything is right and beautiful, in design and execution.</p>
<p>367. Throughout this booklet several statements seem to get repeated.<br>
Yet there is no redundancy, as each different context highlights another<br>
aspect. Here, again, attention is requested for the, for us almost<br>
ungraspable fact that each of the seven names represents not just a part,<br>
but the fullness of I AM. This also is the case with 'Proper'.</p>
<p>368. It is logical to ask how a name can represent a complete and absolute<br>
fullness, while at the same time also being something else. Why not just<br>
take the seven names as labels for certain facets or features of the one who,<br>
as totality of all things, is too large for an umbrella type of name? This<br>
booklet could then just highlight some of reality's 'multiversal' quality.</p>
<p>369. It, indeed, does take an effort to appreciate that all seven names<br>
represent, and are, life in its fullness. It will cause the immense scope of<br>
what we face when we meet with I AM to become ever more awesome.<br>
There just is nothing to compare it with. That seven and one can be both<br>
everything, is, to us, incomprehensible. But then, who are we to judge?</p>
<p>370. The propriety of all contacts within and between the participants in<br>
the universe is a reflection of the perfect nature of I AM. This type of<br>
information may solicit a massive outpouring of protest. How do we dare<br>
to entertain the idea of perfection, when nothing we know here is even<br>
remotely whole, unscratched, unbroken or salvageable?</p>
<p>371. One reason for the appearance of this booklet is to make clear that<br>
everyone can, on her or his deepest possible level, connect with life's 'lost'<br>
authentic structure. We must live on this side of that reality, so we cannot<br>
oversee the whole of it, and should not expect immediate changes.<br>
Yet we all can reconnect, from within, with life's indomitable strength.</p>
<p>372. When we know the seven names, we can lift them up, say them in<br>
our mind or aloud; all seven of them. Before we do it, we have to make<br>
sure that this is what we want to do. We do not have to do it. But if we<br>
desire to align ourselves with the designs and forces in the universe, the<br>
names let us enter the roads leading to inner and outer maturity.</p>
<p>373. Speaking the names is a purely private decision and undertaking.<br>
Parents or teachers can only offer their knowledge of the names to their<br>
children as something extremely important that they would like to pass on.<br>
In the same way, the names can be shared when there is a genuine<br>
openness to hear about the secret behind our inner peace and confidence.</p>
<p>374. Now, the names are available to be savored, tasted and whispered.<br>
Doing this, it involves ourselves as, in a way, they are also our names.<br>
We can see other people or events as belonging to the sevenfold oneness,<br>
but we can never demand or push anyone to experience life the same way<br>
we do. Religions, in general, miserably fail in this respect.</p>
<p>375. When, on our spiritual level, we seek the closeness to One Holy –<br>
Who always is waiting for us -, we can pronounce the names with deep<br>
respect. The moment is intimate and private. Reciting the names together<br>
with others easily distracts from the powerful delicacy of the meeting.<br>
Needing the company of others for using the names is a hideous trap.</p>
<p>376. Speaking the names from a desire to be in harmony with the whole<br>
of the universe, even if we have no precise images of it, guarantees that<br>
we function the best we can during our limited time on earth. It sets us on<br>
and keeps us on the right track. We touch our environment in countless<br>
ways. Existence is an organism, based on connections and cooperation.</p>
<p>377. We can, if we want to, change the ways in which we relate to the<br>
world around and in us. We can be a positive presence, and deliberately<br>
focus our attention and behavior on promoting more caring, truthfulness,<br>
justice, beauty, happiness and health for more people.<br>
But these external signs of life's true stature do not paint the whole picture.</p>
<p>378. Also on our internal level, with its mental activities, connecting goes<br>
on all the time. Even when we clear our minds from conscious thoughts,<br>
and try to create a blessed nothingness, inner peace or silence, our person<br>
keeps interacting with life as it goes on, on all three levels.<br>
The mental void we seem to induce still touches the container around it.</p>
<p>379. Every moment is a moment of touching and being touched. Within<br>
ourselves, our thoughts and feelings do it. It happens with whatever<br>
surrounds us. It has the universe expanding with newness, because we<br>
are unique, and in that sense, indispensable for life reaching its fullness.<br>
Recognizing this can save us from being too wrapped up in ourselves.</p>
<p>380. All connections taking place on the spiritual and mental levels, all<br>
contacts with the ghosts from our past and the influx of other people's<br>
ideas, as well as the interactions of our body's and social systems, make us<br>
the person we are now. It is wise to ask what keeps us going, from where<br>
our energy, blueprint and drive come, by what we are influenced.</p>
<p>381. The name Proper, the fourth name of the I AM of all existence,<br>
points to the nature of all connecting and affecting. It reveals the model<br>
after which the universe is shaped. Everything in existence has a structure.<br>
Even waves of energy are a composition. Nothing is just by itself. If it<br>
was, it still would have its own dynamics and particular configuration.</p>
<p>382. The name Proper stands for the well-functioning of all that exists.<br>
The universe is in perfect shape, despite our human observations.<br>
Proper is as the mind, the mental layer of all that exists. The essence and<br>
substance of life – the spirit level -materializes through the perfection and<br>
rightness of the internal level, which carries the names Proper and Healing.</p>
<p>383. The word 'proper' may not be the most fashionable one to express<br>
that life is good, in place and right. It may have a ring of stuffiness.<br>
Yet this name is a gem. It encompasses every aspect of existence.<br>
From the perspective of I AM, nothing is a mistake, out of sync, ugly or<br>
not in its right spot. Even if the negative state seems to mock this.</p>
<p>384. Like One Holy stands for sacredness, oneness and all-transcending,<br>
and Love stands for life's goodness, and Truth for its wisdom, so beams<br>
the name Proper perfection. It covers life's intricacies and smooth<br>
functioning. It expresses that we belong to a life of flawless proportions,<br>
ever new adventures and all-positive creative endeavors.</p>
<p>385. All is connected, visibly or not, directly or indirectly, in time or in<br>
non-time, spiritually or physically. This incorporates all the processes<br>
within I AM. The building of universal existence is structured so that all<br>
of it, and in it, have it as their rightful and thoroughly appreciated home.<br>
the glow of its welcome never fades.</p>
<p>386. One significant aspect of all parts of life being connected and forming<br>
a solid, perfect structure must be highlighted here. Otherwise it escapes our<br>
observation and understanding. It is that belonging to life's structure is not<br>
automatic or neutral. No particle or unit is conscripted, or forced to play a<br>
role in the ongoing performance of life in all its shades and forms.</p>
<p>387. Why this is so, has everything to do with the nature of I AM, from<br>
whom all that exists is emanated. Everything that comes into being is alike<br>
its source, in sphere, quality and composition. One of the supreme<br>
elements of the nature of I AM is the complete freedom to operate one<br>
way or another. Everything reflects this – sentient entities and matter alike.</p>
<p>388. We humans pride ourselves in having at least some free will. We<br>
may detect a little of it also in flora and fauna. But the idea that 'things',<br>
in nature or as fabricated products, have the freedom to make decisions<br>
or changes, goes way too far. Even without meaning to boast, but is it not<br>
an exclusive human acumen – or privilege – to rule and arrange at will?</p>
<p>389. Proper, as the fourth fullness of all existence, implies that everything<br>
functions in freedom. She/He embodies reality, in which nothing is ever<br>
forced on anything or anyone. How, for instance, a stone exercises this<br>
free will, we humans cannot fathom; simply because we are not a stone.<br>
Yet, in its particular way, a stone also volunteers to participate in life.</p>
<p>390. This booklet will shake up our traditional ways of seeing things.<br>
Insight into the true facts and principles of life is offered, so that we can<br>
adjust, and even substantially change, the way we think and react.<br>
All that exists is not joined together by fate, but by the desire and choice<br>
to contribute to the well-being of all participants in the game of life.</p>
<p>391. That all is connected does not mean all connections can be figured<br>
out, or even need to be. The name Proper impresses on us that whatever<br>
we touch, and are touched by, is of a purposefully positive nature.<br>
It seems an unattainable luxury to us here: a world of unthreatened<br>
spontaneity and innocence, of trust and uncomplicated intermingling.</p>
<p>392. We usually plan our lives with an eye toward what or with whom<br>
we are involved, voluntarily or by necessity. In situations we cannot take<br>
care of ourselves, we turn to experts in the field to help us out, like<br>
doctors and technicians. We rely on the media and authorities. We profit<br>
from, as much as we have to be careful of, society's ruling forces.</p>
<p>393. The name Proper alleviates any fear of possible spiritual powers that<br>
could be harmful and negative. It invites us to an unconditional trust in all<br>
life being healthy and soundly constructed, even if this is not evident.<br>
During visits with Proper in our spirit, this will always be confirmed; not<br>
by: 'I tell you so', but by experiencing Her/His calming assurance.</p>
<p>394. When faced with sick or destructive connections, we usually react<br>
with trying to sever them, and replace them with less negative ones.<br>
On earth, this will never result in guaranteed or permanent solutions.<br>
The negative state is one of disconnectedness and adversity. Yet speaking<br>
with the one Proper will convince us that we are safe and can move on.</p>
<p>395. The merging of our spirit with the spirit of Proper leads to a strong<br>
conviction about our ultimate personal value. Our mission here places us<br>
in an environment that invariably distorts even our finest achievements.<br>
But through our spiritual contact, we are reminded that, in principle, all<br>
connecting is an offshoot of I AM's vigorous and all-inspiring embrace.</p>
<p>396. Every connection serves a beautiful purpose. It is there, so that more<br>
lovemaking can happen. Saying the name Proper with honest awe and joy<br>
energizes all positive influences on our lives. The negative ones have to<br>
back off, as they are not grounded in reality. How much this will change<br>
our behavior is not the issue. Crucial is, whether we want to be aligned.</p>
<p>397. If it was possible, we all would love to know in detail what the<br>
intention of people's actions are. Often we think we can figure it out, to<br>
have to admit later that we were wrong. What we took for a noble<br>
motivation may turn out to be self-serving. It is easy to get disillusioned<br>
by influential people or virtuous causes. Yet often we ignore the lessons.</p>
<p>398. We have the same problem with figuring out ourselves. Often we<br>
just do not know where certain impulses or feelings come from. We<br>
suspect that there are links with memories, fears or expectations hiding in<br>
our system. But how do we measure their impact, knowing that so many<br>
factors play a role: our upbringing, genes, conditionings, chemistry, etc.?</p>
<p>399. The beautiful message of this booklet is that each of us can come<br>
clean with any connection that we suspect being negative. The simplicity<br>
of the word proper, and the all-ness it stands for, tells us to, first of all, see<br>
ourselves as the hub from which our life branches out, towards the past<br>
and into today. Weare the affecting factor. Proper works through us.</p>
<p>400. The point is, to never see ourselves as victim, or failure. The fourth<br>
name covers us. We are based in the eternal perfection. That is our prime<br>
connection. Our situation and behavior on earth may make this into a<br>
joke, but now we know that we still belong to the one sturdy reality. We<br>
can choose that reality as direction in which we are going to react.</p>
<h2>all is right and of beauty</h2>
<p>401. The name Proper highlights the structure of existence. We appreciate<br>
a structure as strong, well-designed and reliable. Above all, capable to<br>
carry the weight. These features are indeed covered by the fourth name<br>
of the one who also is life's totality. But two special characteristics of the<br>
universe's structure stand out. They are: flexibility and all-ness.</p>
<p>402. Every unit or entity exists as an interactive combination of segments.<br>
We humans are composed of millions of features. It goes on, ad infinitum,<br>
that life consists of a collaboration of parts, in the wide cosmos out there,<br>
and in the micro-cosmos within. We are so used to this that we, unless<br>
there is a malfunction, have complete confidence in this being normal.</p>
<p>403. There is a distinct reason for this situation. The ever-touching, joining<br>
and 'embracing' of the different parts reflects the origin and nature of<br>
reality. All things are, forever and integrally, connected with their source.<br>
More precisely, all structures exist in order to represent the ever exciting,<br>
new, changing and creative nature of the One from whom life flows.</p>
<p>404. We therefore must rethink the concept that the structure of I AM<br>
– the standard for all structures – is inflexible, monolithic, frozen or<br>
unchangeable. If that were so, the greatest act of love could never have<br>
taken place. This was that, when a segment of life turned into a caricature,<br>
into its opposite, I AM did not destroy it, but embraced the affected parts.</p>
<p>405. The freedom to design the structure of existence stands out in the<br>
nature of I AM. As result of it we see the majestic all-ness of love. This<br>
provides us with a glorious model, after which the whole universe shapes<br>
itself. In bits and pieces, we here can reprogram the faculties of our mind,<br>
so that we too can function as agents of true reality.</p>
<p>406. The structure of the universe, and of all that exists, parallels the<br>
second name, Love. It highlights the composition of the multifaceted and<br>
all-affecting dynamics of love. Healing, the fifth name of I AM, parallels<br>
the third name, Truth. It stresses the process of the ever self-perfecting<br>
nature of reality. Proper beams the female, Healing the male music of life.</p>
<p>407. Everything is right about the one reality, from its totality to the way<br>
all parts cooperate to keep the universe going. It is the desire of each<br>
participant in life to do so. We may have lost the direct connection with<br>
that desire, but this will not be held against us, as it is precisely our mission<br>
to operate in a world that is rife with dysfunction, conflicts, and decay.</p>
<p>408. As stated so many times already, it is by placing ourselves in the<br>
intimate proximity of One Holy, that, as it were, an inner light allows us<br>
to see that nothing is disturbing or threatening. What happens then is that<br>
the deep yearning inside of us for everything to be all right comes out of<br>
the closet, and receives recognition as the faithful remnant of true reality.</p>
<p>409. Things, all things, are right. But we do not believe it because we look<br>
for signs of this in the external world. When, there, things go our way we,<br>
most likely, consider them to be correct and proper, like they should.<br>
Yet how feeble and short-lived are successes on earth. They may signal<br>
some 'properness', but only the deep longing within us is eternity-based.</p>
<p>410. It is a glorious moment when in the presence of the one with the<br>
name Proper, we feel clean, empowered, wise and in touch with reality.<br>
It always comes with the desire to do what we can to bend our touching<br>
and being touched toward enriching and beautifying the world around<br>
and within us. It proves that our mind can align with our spirit core.</p>
<p>411. A human saying goes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.<br>
When we see with the eyes of Her/Him who is the rightness of life, this<br>
becomes true in all absoluteness. Our 'normal' vision or hearing can pick<br>
up forms or sounds that we consider to be beautiful and uplifting, yet<br>
much of this can be arbitrary and subject to mood or circumstance.</p>
<p>412. When we approach the world around us from a spirit of love and<br>
realism, we use universally-practiced standards for enjoying the beauty of<br>
life. We do not need to criticize the cheapness and ugliness on earth that is<br>
held up as attractive. But our sensitivity to phony and misleading things<br>
and situations does increase once we taste eternity's beauty.</p>
<p>413. Beauty is more than an aesthetic impression. It does more than cause<br>
excitement and stimulate sharing and indulging in it with others.<br>
In its deepest sense, it represents the unmatched splendor of I AM, in<br>
whom sparkles the glory of harmony, freshness and pure joy.<br>
This makes beauty into something that never becomes boring or jaded.</p>
<p>414. We know that analyzing the components of something we consider<br>
beautiful does not necessarily contribute to enjoying it more. Yet in view<br>
of the all-ness of She/He who is proper, each fragment and its connections<br>
is, to the core, perfect in its glamor. This is not detectable on earth, where<br>
everlasting beauty is unknown, except for small hints of its presence.</p>
<p>415. When we are in touch on the spiritual level with beauty in its fullness,<br>
we may look at everything with different eyes. It is such a challenge to see,<br>
in principle, each and every presence in life, whether considered beautiful<br>
or not, as of a singular quality, having the potential to give joy through the<br>
delicacies of its unique and colorful features.</p>
<p>416. We humans struggle uncomfortably with whether anything is just or<br>
fair. So many inequities float around in our own person and in society.<br>
It solicits pessimism, frustration, skepticism and other negative feelings.<br>
It often seems as if all structures and systems on earth are corrupt,<br>
unreliable and a potential threat. This goes for all of the negative state.</p>
<p>417. It is discouraging that so many people suffer from preventable<br>
miseries, like hunger, oppression, prejudices and certain illnesses.<br>
It seems to boil down to the absence of a collective will to change this<br>
degrading situation. Behind this, though, is the irreversible phenomenon<br>
on earth that the very structure of life itself is tampered with.</p>
<p>418. Moving away, as our ancestors did, from the light that illuminates,<br>
warms and energizes, creates its own darkness. In it, everything can<br>
become confusing, maladjusted, unfair and a threat to health and safety.<br>
When, on earth, one area improves, another deteriorates. This is not fate,<br>
but the doing of defective minds and induced abnormalities.</p>
<p>419. Some people truly wish to promote justice, equality, freedom, health,<br>
arts, human rights and fairness in distributing nature's riches. This desire<br>
may come from being affected by the radiance of the fourth name.<br>
But even if secondary gain or ego is involved, the results of those actions<br>
can contribute to keeping alive a sense of what is normal and natural.</p>
<p>420. The irony is that we, and all of our world, belong to a structure that<br>
has already survived its own potential collapse. The negative state still<br>
continues on its deceitful path, and some of its fabricators still believe they<br>
found a viable alternative to the lucid realm of Proper's structure. So, for<br>
us here, the choice remains: representing true reality, or muddling on.</p>
<p>421. We can harbor an inner happiness, peace and joy that nobody can<br>
take away from us. The reason for this is that it does not originate in, or is<br>
dependent on, anything external. It is nurtured and strengthened by our<br>
spirit within. It is the core of our spirit. It links us to the positive state,<br>
where smiles and laughter dominate, instead of confinement or stress.</p>
<p>422. It is a most successful manipulation of our fabricators that they<br>
conditioned our generation humans to expect life's goodies to come from<br>
the outside world, from physical pleasures like food and sex, from<br>
intellectual stimulation and from social settings and entertainment.<br>
We can enjoy these, yet dependence on them still is a form of slavery.</p>
<p>423. Much laughter and humor on earth stems from efforts to escape<br>
the frequently bleak picture of daily living. We say, it is better to laugh<br>
than to cry. But this booklet invites us to bypass psychological detours<br>
and go straight to the all-around happiness hiding within. This 'all around'<br>
refers to our real self, our eternity-connected center.</p>
<p>424. When within our spirit we experience the light and strength of the<br>
one who is Proper, it will affect the workings of our minds. However much<br>
we may be conditioned by genes and other factors, everyone can change<br>
toward more lightheartedness and inner joy. The universe is a happy one.<br>
Being disconnected from it weighs us down. Yet smiles can break through.</p>
<p>425. The joy with which elements anywhere join together, in order to<br>
strengthen life's structure, has to with their freedom to do so. There is no<br>
true joy if there is no freedom. In this sense, the act of putting together the<br>
universe is the sole achievement of volunteers; happy ones. The happy and<br>
free spirit of Proper reverberates in all joints, configurations and unions.</p>
<p>426. The name Proper presents the functional perfection of all that exists.<br>
All things the universe consists of is part of one and the same organism.<br>
The core, content and totality of all existence is I AM. Everything is<br>
relative to this central fact. Our eternal health is guaranteed, simply<br>
because our systems are relative to I AM, who desires to be reflected.</p>
<p>427. The saying goes that if one member suffers, the whole body does.<br>
This is so true. Even the tiniest segment of life is a full participant in the<br>
formation of its structure. As such, it contributes to the health and strength<br>
of the one great universal organism, as much as it receives from it.<br>
When it malfunctions, it concerns the well-being of life's totality, I AM.</p>
<p>428. Concerns for their well-functioning dominate our human societies.<br>
Rightly, we sense that not just our physical health is important, but that<br>
the social structures we belong to should also be in good shape, so that life<br>
is safe and orderly. The bad news is that the fundamental brokenness of<br>
life on earth inhibits an everything-including restoration of well-being.</p>
<p>429. The good news is that in our inner sanctuary, in the presence of<br>
One Holy, we can embrace our own sacredness, and experience moments<br>
of distance from our deficiencies and debilitating diseases.<br>
How effective the liberation of our psyche from evil will be, is mainly up<br>
to us. In the areas of our physical health, we have much less control.</p>
<p>430. When structures fall apart or weaken, as happens with human bodies,<br>
relationships, society's fabric and nature, it reminds us of our mortality,<br>
and of our world itself perhaps coming to an end one day.<br>
If we do not recognize our spiritual self, or life's eternal texture, all our<br>
speculations about the future of earth can only draw from unreliable data.</p>
<p>431. The name Proper captures the undefeatable, uncompromising and<br>
ever lively strength of everything in existence. Being intricate structures<br>
ourselves, and our belonging to life's one organism, make our presence<br>
an important factor in the universe; notwithstanding our present<br>
participation in the endeavors of the negative state.</p>
<p>432. Even if our personal life goes reasonably well, we know that<br>
perfection escapes us and any earthly entity, big or small. Talking about<br>
eternity as a state of forever reaching more perfection may sound good, but<br>
it is an empty notion, unless we know exactly what we talk about. Even so,<br>
it still may seem boring there. What is left to do, when all is in place?</p>
<p>433. The, by now familiar, trap is that we see perfection as the summit of<br>
what we consider right, beautiful, just and healthy. We, indeed, have a<br>
hard time knowing what we are talking about. But when, on our spiritual<br>
level, we visit with Her/Him who is Proper, we know that we witness an<br>
awesomely sublime space, although we will not be able to describe it.</p>
<p>434. Some dreamers do imagine a perfect world: one without the miseries,<br>
brokenness and worries that we experience here on earth. Yet when we<br>
take perfection as the opposite of anything negative or restricted, we<br>
approach the concept from the wrong, from the external, direction.<br>
Only our innermost connection can trigger the right ideas about perfection.</p>
<p>435. All that is not right on earth – which is everything – is not to be seen<br>
as the opposite of perfection. It is part of it. It is part of the majestic<br>
occurrence that love and rightness are being tested. Any suspicion that<br>
these two could be something automatic is publicly played out, in order to<br>
forever dispel it. For this, our special cycle of time was created.</p>
<p>436. Whether life on earth, the way it is functioning now, will improve or<br>
deteriorate as measured by our standards, does not just depend on what<br>
we humans do, or do not. Our greatest contribution to eternity is whether<br>
we choose to treat ourselves as the precious investment that we are, or<br>
continue to judge our lives only by earthly, external, successes.</p>
<p>437. People have discovered that there is a tremendous pay-off in<br>
positioning ourselves squarely in the presence of the one who is Proper.<br>
That presence is the light by which we see, sense and feel what is right.<br>
In other words, it brings out the best in us. We may try to argue, turn away<br>
from the light, or prefer our ideas, but the beaming presence will not waver.</p>
<p>438. It is as with speaking the truth. Not lying makes life so much less<br>
complicated. So it is with choosing, as a matter of principle, to be a<br>
positive, respectful, pleasant, fun-loving and joy-giving person. We can<br>
put our mind on a track that switches from serving only ourselves, to one<br>
that supports health, work, freedom, equality and justice for all people.</p>
<p>439. Living within the radius of the fourth name completely defines our<br>
political agenda. Regardless of our personal preferences, the all-presence<br>
of Proper leaves no margin of error with regard to us humans being,<br>
together with nature and all creatures or things, one family, one household.<br>
We are all lover and beloved of the one in, and before whom, we exist.</p>
<p>440. This does not mean it is easy for us to bring order amidst so much<br>
chaos and unwillingness to seek solutions. Many good intended initiatives<br>
backfire. Yet there is no excuse to not have Proper as our mentor, friend,<br>
comforter, fortress and daily joy – and this, until our last day on earth, and<br>
to the best of our spiritual, mental and behavioral ability.</p>
<h2>the power of 'propriety'</h2>
<p>441. The power of propriety is in the fact that the universe and all that is<br>
in it, is not just there, but is part of a lively organism. Its intricate systems<br>
are not something neutral or accidental. They all serve the desire within<br>
the core of I AM to experience all that exists as a presence to interact with<br>
as partner and beloved. That constitutes reality.</p>
<p>442. We can always fall back upon this universal situation when questions<br>
about what is right or wrong, or the why's and when's, jump on us. And<br>
they will, sooner or later. We still live in a fog. We are so limited in<br>
knowing exactly what the organism that carries our name is all about.<br>
Yet, considering life's total picture is pure wisdom.</p>
<p>443. We can look at any detail of our lives – whether it is a cell, molecule,<br>
organ, thought, feeling or activity – and focus on it while in the presence<br>
of I AM. The technical aspects of how those parts function is not the issue<br>
here. But what we may clearly see is that each part is meant to do a perfect<br>
job. And that is the message our mind can give them, to go for that.</p>
<p>444. What about our sick parts, those that obviously malfunction, causing<br>
pain or threaten our lives? It is extremely important that we do not fall in<br>
the trap of hating them, or pretending they are not really part of us.<br>
Instead, we can in our minds approach those parts with a gentle yet firm<br>
appeal to heal. That way we transmit to them what Proper radiates to us.</p>
<p>445. This also applies to the fact that we are segments of a social structure<br>
and part of our natural environment. What is sick in that, we can try to<br>
correct. We can protect ourselves, as well as we can, against destructive<br>
forces. We take medication, support positive actions, and can, as a matter<br>
of principle, promote health, justice, joy and all things right and beautiful.</p>
<p>446. Thinking that we can undo the corruptness of the inner workings of<br>
our planet is a delusion. Our world is made dysfunctional, in order to serve<br>
the purpose for its 'creation'. This dysfunction allowed for exploration of<br>
an alternative way of life, in which I AM does not play a role. Only when<br>
this situation is illustrated, for all to see, can it be embraced, or rejected.</p>
<p>447. The statement that this planet and everything on it cannot really<br>
improve, considering its faulty beginnings, will be met with much<br>
resistance. Yet turning our thinking around and observing things from our<br>
closeness to One Holy, challenges the purposefully injected lie that the<br>
flow of life is determined by external forces, and not by the spirit within.</p>
<p>448. This is not said to discourage human efforts aimed at protecting the<br>
good in life and the desire to embellish it with safety, beauty and joy.<br>
On the contrary, these words point to the road leading to positive change<br>
for all people in all circumstances. The flow of life is from within to<br>
without. So our ability to enrich is well-rooted within our spirit.</p>
<p>449. We associate the word structure with something that is built.<br>
This is so true. All of life is a construction, and not an accidental one.<br>
There is a blueprint. It is in the mind of I AM, inspired by being only love.<br>
In that sense, life's structure is the mind of I AM. Whatever comes up in it<br>
– which is everything – takes on its own form and function.</p>
<p>450. This does not mean that the I AM of all, as it were, single-handedly<br>
energizes, shapes and controls the universe; or us, for that matter.<br>
From the center of life's all-ness the sphere and modes of existence exude.<br>
They appear as goodness, wisdom, properness and healing. They act as<br>
principles, rules or 'laws', through which the myriads of life-forms evolve.</p>
<p>451. When new forms of life materialize, the spirit, sphere, energy and<br>
model of I AM is present at every step of the process. We could say that<br>
this alone secures the fact that nothing can come into existence by force, or<br>
as inferior. Any addition to the universal structure is based on the free will<br>
of all participants: material, energies, spheres, products and humans alike.</p>
<p>452. This explains why we can talk about all that exists, small and big,<br>
wherever it is located, as a reflection or mirror of the beauty and fullness<br>
of its source. All parts want to do this. Their 'will' or ability to choose<br>
is quite different than what we humans consider as such. But each and<br>
every particle has the innate equivalent of what we call freedom of choice.</p>
<p>453. We know that for anything to look or function as it does, a multitude<br>
of factors plays a role. Science has identified many laws and principles in<br>
the workings of life. Yet those types of laws mainly explain the surface<br>
factors of what goes on. Meaning, or 'emotional' content, the mind-set, is<br>
usually left out; in addition to all of earth's 'laws' being flawed anyway.</p>
<p>454. Having the light of the fourth name glow in us, and saying the name<br>
as a tribute to the all-glory of life, positions us in the center of its field of<br>
power. This pertains to everything our life consist of. Despite our<br>
imperfections, we may realize that we are ultimately composed of<br>
elements of pure beauty, wholesomeness, freedom and happiness.</p>
<p>455. Experiencing life and its all-connectedness this way, leads to a<br>
mind-set different than most of us operate by now. It will cause us to<br>
break ranks with traditional, cultural, popular, insular and self-centered<br>
thinking. Meeting personally with the one who is Proper is a thoroughly<br>
liberating experience. It allows us to see life as it is meant to be.</p>
<p>456. It is a nice metaphor, to call the total structure in which all exists, the<br>
'building' in which life universal takes place. It includes the materials it is<br>
made of, and, of course, its 'architect'. The universe is the safe haven for<br>
all its inhabitants. Moments of exposure to its beauty already now, in our<br>
spirit -and for certain after our physical death – surpass anything.</p>
<p>457. The intricate systems by which the true reality functions are, for us,<br>
impossible to grasp. For one thing, they lack completely the feature of<br>
dependency, which in our world is the most notorious prerequisite for<br>
anything to survive. Just take our need for oxygen. What, for us, is pure<br>
necessity, emerges in the real world from joyful volunteering.</p>
<p>458. Another difference is the absence of our idea of time. We calculate<br>
the strength and composition of our projects with an eye on the calendar.<br>
We think of how long is it supposed to last, when parts must be replaced,<br>
etc.. We know that, at some time, somewhere, deterioration sets in.<br>
This anxiety- and tension-provoking perspective real life does not know.</p>
<p>459. All systems work to perfection when they reflect the core of all life,<br>
which is the reality of love and the 'loving realness'. This is not just a<br>
spiritual principle. It is the prime force of life itself at work. It proves now,<br>
through us too, that what the name Proper stands for, survives the poisons<br>
of ego, abuse, boredom, dependency and decay.</p>
<p>460. Those in the universe who are aware of the situation on earth, have<br>
the choice to opt for joining our way of life. No one does. Those who<br>
volunteered to be born here for a specific mission were thoroughly briefed<br>
about earth's unnatural situation. As all memories were erased, they were<br>
left with only a weak sense of what is right. But now, there is more.</p>
<p>461. Throughout human history, people have acted upon the tiny remnant<br>
of true life within them. They correctly concluded that our world is not all<br>
there is. They often were not aware at all where their uneasiness with the<br>
status quo came from. But many took the little voice within us as<br>
authentic, and chose to listen to it, using it as their guide through life.</p>
<p>462. Now, it can happen to anyone that the sense of there being 'more to<br>
life' increases to a point that they desire to act upon it. We can get side-<br>
tracked or enter dead-end streets when tradition, religion or popular<br>
personalities tell us what to do and how to interpret our enlightenment.<br>
But we can resist that temptation, and keep I AM's flame inside burning.</p>
<p>463. Children often have a keen sense of life's proper proportions, until<br>
they 'grow up'. Artists feel inspired to reach what lies beyond the surface<br>
and give it a form. Innovators, scientists and adventurers are not satisfied<br>
with the obvious. Candid, sensitive and motivated people may treasure<br>
the skeleton of realness inside. So can we all, if we want to.</p>
<p>464. Some people who learn to see life in its proper dimensions become<br>
martyrs for it. Many remain anonymous. Yet a few acquire a large<br>
following; frequently after their death more than while alive. Memories of<br>
them are kept alive by organizations that promote their ideas. Yet,<br>
venerating persons of the past is more distracting than truth-inspiring.</p>
<p>465. The uphill battle for each person is to not rely on what others say, do<br>
or believe. The wisdom to see life's systems in their proper function and<br>
context hides within each individual. However distorted they still may<br>
look now, the basis and purpose of all structures is, also on earth, their<br>
ability to represent solidity, camaraderie and the joy of serving the whole.</p>
<p>466. As stated already, when we experience the rightness of all that exists,<br>
through the wisdom of I AM within, we establish our own home-base in<br>
the spiritual realm. But as we are all also part of a society, we can make it<br>
a point to be constructive participants in the fight for building a healthy<br>
environment for as many people as possible.</p>
<p>467. The beauty and satisfaction of being an agent of the positive state<br>
lies in the fact that we operate as the sane part of the collective human<br>
brain. Directly and indirectly, consciously and intuitively, we can send<br>
out signals for how to make the best of our deeply conflicted predicament.<br>
Whether others heed to our insight and example is not up to us.</p>
<p>468. In the construction of the universe is place for everyone and<br>
everything. It is the indescribable vigor of life's edifice that it provides<br>
room for attempts to replace it. The positive state is never on the defensive.<br>
At one point, all 'deserters' of life's oneness will realize they have been<br>
wrong. True life has no alternative; and it cannot be stopped.</p>
<p>469. There are written testimonies about what some people in the past<br>
experienced who did gain insight on life's fundamental composition.<br>
Some of these documents are declared holy and treated as such. However,<br>
any story is void of practical or spiritual value if the reader or hearer<br>
avoids meeting, personally, with Proper, in whom we all have our place.</p>
<p>470. Most religious movements address spiritual and moral issues.<br>
This booklet explains that all positive efforts come from the same source.<br>
They originate in the perfect nature of the one who is Proper in all<br>
absoluteness. The universe, and all in it, is modeled after Her/Him.<br>
Anyone can proudly represent the fourth name with the person they are.</p>
<p>471. The moment the personal connection in our innermost spiritual level<br>
is blocked, externalization sets in. Instead of communicating with Proper<br>
directly, we tend to turn to substitutes like holy books, rituals, symbols or<br>
prayer routines. Or we avoid it all together. Whatever the reason for this,<br>
the spine of life becomes replaced with hollow habits.</p>
<p>472. The edifice of life is strong, elegant, comfortable, safe and inviting.<br>
In our terms, it is a true home or castle. Nothing is lacking. Every part in<br>
and of it contributes freely. Its construction is as intricate as it is clear. Its<br>
space is filled with laughter, colors, fragrances and sounds, geared to give<br>
joy to each and everyone. It is rife with challenges that never disappoint.</p>
<p>473. Being offered this positive information does not mean we should<br>
treat it as a beautiful dream, or start longing for good things to come.<br>
This would take away from the mental energy we need for daily living.<br>
The song in our heart that this pleasant picture can create is not about our<br>
future, it is our reality today. In our spirit, we can already thrive on it.</p>
<p>474. The workings of our psyche are in many ways erratic. Many wonder<br>
whether a 'normal', fully balanced person exists; correctly so.<br>
The same goes for things we call perfectly beautiful and right. If they<br>
would occur, they would invalidate the reason for earth to exist as it is.<br>
In spite of all that functions well, earth stands for 'enemy' territory.</p>
<p>475. Opposites of what is proper are ugliness, weakness, decay, confusion<br>
and everything that does not bring joy. We face these on a daily basis, also<br>
in our personal lives. Yet the name Proper can serve as a beacon for our<br>
thoughts, a measure for our judgments and inspiration for our feelings.<br>
There is no limit to the wellness from which we originate and belong to.</p>
<p>476. All joining, assemblage and incorporation, on any level and in all<br>
circumstances, is the result of love at work. For us, the challenge is to<br>
show that. No structure, relationship or organism without love has lasting<br>
value. We can invest in it anyway, but then we decorate our own grave, so<br>
to speak. Adopting the sphere of the fourth name decorates the dance floor.</p>
<p>477. It is moving to see children who have no toys to play with, act out<br>
their desire to make something beautiful, funny or endearing. Anything<br>
they find lying around can serve that purpose. We can look at ourselves,<br>
whether or not we are still in touch with that deep yearning for things<br>
pleasant, satisfying, beautiful, safe, and a joy. It can be activated.</p>
<p>478. We are, in every respect, a detail of a wider entity: the universe and<br>
the fullness of I AM. It is a strange position to be in. On one hand we, as<br>
part, are responsible for not living up to the glory of full life's splendor,<br>
even if we do not enjoy polluting it. On the other hand, it can be so<br>
comforting to know that despite our dysfunctions, life sings anyway.</p>
<p>479. We can train our mental faculties, the way we think, judge, believe<br>
and plan, to not waste time and energy with anything belying our closeness<br>
to the one who is Proper. She/He can be the light, strength and blueprint in<br>
all our earthly situations. Our life's goal is not perfection. It is to be honest,<br>
caring and, by reflecting Proper, be beautiful, just and happy.</p>
<p>480. We are born within the building of life. We did not built it. But, once<br>
in it, we participate. We did not make the universe the majestic occurrence<br>
it is, but now, knowing more about it, we can adjust our ways of thinking<br>
and spending time and energy. Eternity is captured, not by the pseudo-<br>
creation earth itself, but by the beauty of true life breaking through on it.</p></div>
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