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                <div class="min-h-screen p-32 bg-gray-100">

	class="relative max-w-3xl mx-auto shadow"
	<div class="flex justify-between bg-indigo-500 p-2 leading-none ">
		<div class="text-white font-extrabold">AlpineJs</div>
		<div class="divide-x-2 divide-indigo-600">
			<!-- todo: Update to use icons -->
				class="px-2 text-white hover:underline focus:outline-none"
				@click="$refs.pane.innerHTML = component.outerHTML">demo</button>
				class="px-2 text-white hover:underline focus:outline-none"
				@click="$refs.pane.innerHTML = snippet.outerHTML">source</button>
				class="px-2 text-white hover:underline focus:outline-none"
				@copy.document.prevent="copySnippet($event)">copy source</button>
	<!-- todo: prevent back button when user is scrolling inside the pane -->
	<div x-ref="pane" class="relative flex items-center justify-center" style="min-height:300px;background:#d2d8e3">
			<div x-data="{ open: false }" class="relative">
					@click="open = !open"
					@click.away="open = false"
					x-text="open ? 'close' : 'open'"
					class="rounded w-24 py-2 bg-blue-500 hover:bg-blue-400 text-white font-bold focus:outline-none">
					class="absolute mt-3 bg-white w-64 h-24 flex text-xl items-center justify-center rounded-lg shadow-lg"
					Hey there!
		class="italic text-sm absolute bottom-0 right-0 mr-2 mb-2"


                [x-cloak] { display: none; }


                // TODO: accept parameters like height, width, theme, etc
function previewHandler() {
	return {
		component: null,
		snippet: null,
		copied: false,
		setup() {
			// TODO: Doing this here is too late as Alpine already has set it up
			this.component = this.$el.querySelector('[x-data]')
			this.$refs.pane.innerHTML = this.component.outerHTML
			this.$'display', 'block')
		buildSnippet() {
			this.snippet = document.createElement('pre')
			this.snippet.classList.add('absolute', 'inset-0', 'overflow-scroll', 'bg-gray-200', 'font-mono', 'p-4', 'pt-8')
			let html = this.snippet.innerHTML
			let tokens = lolight.tok(html)

			tokens =, index) => {

				// If it's a return or new line
				if (/\r|\n/.exec(token[1])) {
					// The return should be first, ie strip leading spaces
					token[1] = token[1].replace(/\s+[\n|\r]/, '')
					// Check the length of the \r + tabs
					const length = (/\r|\n/.exec(token[1]).input.length)
					// Only set the spaces the first time
					if (typeof spacesOffset === 'undefined') {
						// The first indent should always be 1 space, 
						// so with the \r that would mean a length of 2
						spacesOffset = 2 - length
					token[1] = token[1].slice(0, (spacesOffset ? spacesOffset : length))
					// Replace tabs with 4 spaces
					token[1] = token[1].replace(/\t/g, '&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;')
					return token[1]
				// TODO: Might be nicer to put each directive on it's own line
				// But it will take some time to get the indentation right
				// Perhaps use the spaceOffset from above...
				// if (token[1] === '@') return '\n\t@'
				// if (token[1] === ':') return '\n\t:'
				// if (token[0] === 'key') {
				// 	if (tokens[index + 1] && tokens[index - 1][0] == 'pct') {
				// 		return token[1]
				// 	}
				// 	return '\n\t' + token[1]
				// }
				return token[1].replace(/[\u00A0-\u9999<>\&]/gim, i => '&#'+i.charCodeAt(0)+';')
			this.snippet.innerHTML = tokens
			lolight.el(this.snippet) //
		selectSnippet(event) {
			const range = document.createRange()
		copySnippet(event) {
			if (this.copied) return
			event.clipboardData.setData('text/plain', this.component.outerHTML)
			this.copied = true
			setTimeout(() => {
				this.copied = false
			}, 2000)