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                <div class="min-h-screen justify-center flex p-16 bg-blue-200">
<!-- This is a revised version. See the original clunky version here:	 -->

<p class="mb-10 text-center">Drag & drop or press the menu icon button <br>(or use your tab key)</p>

<div class="pt-6 pb-4 bg-indigo-500 rounded-lg shadow-xl max-w-sm">
<h1 id="agenda-title" class="text-white font-extrabold text-lg p-6 pt-0">What's the agenda for today?</h1>
	x-title="Sorting Demo"
	x-data="dragAndSortHandler(items)""usedKeyboard = true"
	@dragleave="dropcheck--;dropcheck || rePositionPlaceholder()"
	<template x-for="(item, index) in items" :key="index">
			@dragend="$'draggable', false)"
			class="border-b border-transparent"
				'opacity-25': indexBeingDragged == index,
			<!-- Pointer events are disabled while dragging, otherwise drag events fire on child elements -->
			<div class="bg-indigo-300 p-6 flex justify-between"
				 :class="{'pointer-events-none': indexBeingDragged}">
				<p x-text=""></p>
				<div class="relative" aria-haspopup="true">
					<!-- Lots of events are here as it combines click drag, click, and keyboard events -->
						aria-label="Sorting menu"
						:class="{'focus:outline-none': !usedKeyboard}">
							class="block w-6 text-indigo-500"
							viewBox="0 0 20 20"
								 d="M3 5a1 1 0 011-1h12a1 1 0 110 2H4a1 1 0 01-1-1zM3 10a1 1 0 011-1h12a1 1 0 110 2H4a1 1 0 01-1-1zM3 15a1 1 0 011-1h12a1 1 0 110 2H4a1 1 0 01-1-1z"
						:aria-expanded="(openedContextMenu == index).toString()"
						x-show="openedContextMenu == index"
						x-transition:enter="transition ease-in duration-100"
						x-transition:enter-start="transform opacity-75 -translate-y-1"
						x-transition:leave-end="transform -translate-y-1 opacity-0"
						class="absolute w-32 bg-indigo-500 py-2 -mt-3 left-0 transform -translate-x-12 z-50 shadow-lg rounded text-sm">
						<li role="menuitem">
								@click="index && move(index, index - 1)"
								class="text-left w-full pl-4 hover:bg-indigo-400"
								:class="{'focus:outline-none': !usedKeyboard}"
								Move up
						<!-- hard coded for two options. If you need more then you need a new method -->
						<li role="menuitem">
								@click="(index + 1 < items.length) && move(index + 1, index)"
								class="text-left w-full pl-4 hover:bg-indigo-400"
								:class="{'focus:outline-none': !usedKeyboard}">
								Move down


<!-- Dev tools -->


                [x-cloak] { display: none; }


                const items = [
		name: 'Learn about the draggable API',
		name: 'Practice guitar',
		name: 'Read a novel for 25 minutes',
		name: 'Practice Thai vocabulary',
		name: 'Sleep',
function dragAndSortHandler(items) {
	return {
		// Keeps track of when we leave the dropzone
		// Otherwise child events will trigger @dragloave
		dropcheck: 0,
		usedKeyboard: false,
		originalIndexBeingDragged: null,
		indexBeingDragged: null,
		indexBeingDraggedOver: null,
		openedContextMenu: null,
		items: items,
		preDragOrder: items,
		dragstart(event) {
			if (this.openedContextMenu) {
				// Without this the drag will show the context menu
				return this.closeContextMenu()	
			// Store a copy for when we drag out of range
			this.preDragOrder = [...this.items]
			// The index is continuously updated to reorder live and also keep a placeholder
			this.indexBeingDragged ='x-ref')
			// The original is needed for then the drag leaves the container
			this.originalIndexBeingDragged ='x-ref')
			// Not entirely sure this is needed but moz recommended it (?)
			event.dataTransfer.dropEffect = "copy"
		updateListOrder(event) {
			// This fires every time you drag over another list item
			// It reorders the items array but maintains the placeholder 
			if (this.indexBeingDragged) {
				this.indexBeingDraggedOver ='x-ref')
				let from = this.indexBeingDragged
				let to = this.indexBeingDraggedOver
				if (this.indexBeingDragged == to) return
				if (from == to) return

				this.move(from, to)
				this.indexBeingDragged = to
		// These are needed for the handle effect
		setParentDraggable(event) {'li').setAttribute('draggable', true)
		setParentNotDraggable(event) {'li').setAttribute('draggable', false)
		resetState() {
			this.dropcheck = 0
			this.indexBeingDragged = null
			this.preDragOrder = [...this.items]
			this.indexBeingDraggedOver = null
			this.originalIndexBeingDragged = null
		// This acts as a cancelled event, when the item is dropped outside the container
		revertState() {
			this.items = this.preDragOrder.length ? this.preDragOrder : this.items
		// Just repositions the placeholder when we move out of range of the container
		rePositionPlaceholder() {
			this.items = [...this.preDragOrder]
			this.indexBeingDragged = this.originalIndexBeingDragged
		move(from, to) {
			let items = this.items
    		if (to >= items.length) {
        		let k = to - items.length + 1
				while (k--) {
			items.splice(to, 0, items.splice(from, 1)[0])
			this.items = items
		// THe rest are just for adding better UX to the context menu
		openContextMenu(event) {
			this.openedContextMenu ='li').__x_for_key
		closeAllContextMenus() {	
			this.openedContextMenu = null
		highlightFirstContextButton($event) {'button').focus()
		highlightNextContextMenuItem(event) {'li').nextElementSibling.querySelector('button').focus()
		highlightPreviousContextMenuItem(event) {'li').previousElementSibling.querySelector('button').focus()