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                <h1>React -from- Scratch</h1>
<div id="container">
        <h3>What is this... "from scratch" thing?</h3>
        <p>This is a small project I try to write out from memory when possible.&nbsp;
           The Task: Write out all non-commented code in the JS code section from memory:</p>
        <p>The "enhanced" version of this project is at: <a href=""></a>&nbsp;
            (it has TypeScript.)</p>
        <div id="last-time">
            My last time entry from <a href="">my working version</a> <i>(which includes; Palindrome, FizzBuzz, Pomodoro, and GistBox (GetGist))</i>
            <pre>// 2018-03-26 (Mon) // Did all 4 (40 min)
                 // Started: 6:30 PM
                 // Finished: 7:10 PM</pre>
            This project was inspired by Laracasts' <a href="">"Do You React?" [episode 7]</a> (early 2017; although the code has been cleaned and kept up to at least Dec 2017)
        <code class="hidden"><cite>
            Times: [ 
                    {'2017-04-17', '(couldn&apos;t complete')'<span class="hidden">, comments: '11:20 - '</span>},
                    {'2017-04-18', '1.25 hrs'<span class="hidden">, comments: '10:40 -> 11:55 -- Got stuck on xhr - confused xhr.readyState with xhr.status. [readyState] is state of XHR request (waiting for DONE; 4), while [status] is HTTP response status (404, 304, 200).'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-19', '1.50 hrs'<span class="hidden">, comments: '1:45pm -> 3:15pm -> 3:40pm -- Got stuck on adding new gist into gistList array. Brought over into sublime and figured out 2 issues with gistList loop (tried forEach, but needs map for the return; couldn't use {} in arrow function).'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-20', '~25 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '2:28pm -> 2:47pm -> 2:51pm -- Error #1: 'map' from undefined. Inital state was set as 'GistList'. Error #2: username not showing and url incorrect. Forgot to extrapolate the proper data from [gist.owner.login] and [gist.html_url]'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-21', '~20 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '11:18am -> 11:37am -- As with yesterday, had to use Dev Tools to figure out a couple hiccups.'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-22', '~45 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '2:48pm -> 3:18pm -- First time trying to write the new fetch() format in lieu of XMLHttpRequest. Problem came when trying to figure out why footer contents weren't showing up. I'd forgotten I'm now making a call to props.children to show that content. 3:38pm - Now works with new fetch()'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-23', '18 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '6:29pm -> 6:47pm -- Wrote with fetch() method in lieu of XMLHttpRequest.'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-24', '20 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '1:38 pm -> 1:57 pm -- works; 1:58 pm - added 'User has no gists' check and alert == 20 min - Got caught up for a few minutes because I didn't wrap my GistBox, GistList, nor my Gist return expressions in &lt;div&gt; tags. This is why I do this once daily.'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-25', '18 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '11:58pm -> 12:16am'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-28', '17 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '12:29pm -> 12:46pm -- Drew a blank on: response.json() -> went with .getJson() -> solved with a console.log on response in first .fetch() .then()'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-29', '16 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '11:36am -> 11:52am -- A few blunders (Dev Tools console to the rescue); 1: mispelled 'proops' in constructor param - 2: Forgot &lt;form&gt; for submit - 3: User onClick instead of onChange - 4: Forgot 'this.' when calling updateUser with last gist - 5: Didn't add 'no gists' check -- Suggestion: Take it slower and be more mindful'</span>},
                    {'2017-04-30', '16 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '6:16pm -> 6:32pm -- Worked; No assistance needed from dev tools'</span>},
                    {'2017-05-01', '12 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '1:26pm -> 1:38pm -- Worked; One console.log output showed I missed wrapping the form for submit'</span>},
                    {'2017-05-03', '12 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '4:28pm -> 4:40pm -- Worked; Although CodePen choked up when I pasted in the &lt;footer&gt; section'</span>},
                    {'2017-05-15', '32 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '5:36pm -> 5:55pm -> 6:08pm -- Mostly just forgot syntax. Also forgot the fetch `response.json()`'</span>},
                    {'2017-05-16', '13 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '6:26pm - 6:39pm -> 1 small miss - form input didn't clear (made input value [username] not [user])'</span>},
                    {'2017-05-17', '15 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '6:29pm -> 6:39pm -> 6:44pm -- Forgot ReactDOM.render, and had to track down misspelled 'gettUser' prop callback.'</span>},
                    {'2017-05-23', '21 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '7:14pm -> 7:28pm -> 7:35pm -- Missed ending } on form element; Missed renaming Gist to GistBox (copy/pasta); Mis-typed &apos;gist.length&apos; instead of &apos;data.length&apos; (from when I moved the if condition out of &apos;updateGistList&apos; method)'</span>},
                    {'2017-07-04', '22 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '5:22pm -> 5:37pm -> 5:44pm -- Missed 'onSubmit' from 'Form onSubmit={this.submitUser}'; Missed 'return' from 'return response.json()'; Missed specifying parent 'gist' from 'gist.html_url'; Missed wrapping {braces} from this.setState({gistList}); When last issue was fixed, didn't even realize the "t" (username) was being displayed. Doh!; But I did do the entire fetch.'</span>},
                    {'2017-08-18', '23 min'<span class="hidden">, comments: '1:49pm -> 2:12pm'</span>},
                    {'2017-10-22', 'Training continued at:'}
            - Input - Text Field
            - Button - Submit ('Get Gist')
            - Gists
        Input - handleUpdate (local component state)
        Button - handleSubmit (container callback; validate form, API call, post to source state)
        Input (from user)
            - gist username
                - use username to get user gists
        Output (source state)
                - owner.login
                - html_url


                body {
    font-family: arial;
    font-size: 14px;
.listitem {
    font-size: 12px;
footer {
    font-size: 11px;
    position: fixed;
        bottom: 0;
        left: 0;
        right: 0;
cite {
    display: block;
    font-size: 10px;
    margin-bottom: .2rem;
.hidden {
    display: none;


                // daily-project: GetGist

    // This is a 'from scratch' project I try to write out when possible
    // Note: I don't write out the 'dangerouslySetInnerHTML' part.

    // My new updated version is at:
    // Although I would focus on this one first (there's no TypeScript).

    // This project was inspired by Laracasts (early 2017):

    // Your Task: Write out everything below from memory:
    // --------------------------------------------------

// GistBox
    // GistForm
    // GistList
        // Gist


const noGistMsg = 'This GitHub user has no Gists.';

class GistBox extends React.Component {

    state = {
        gistList: []

    getGist = (usernameInput) => {
        const url = `${usernameInput}/gists`;

        async function fetchAsync(getUrl) {
            let response = await fetch(getUrl, { method: 'GET' });
            let data = await response.json();
            return data;

        fetchAsync(url).then( data => {
            var thisGist = {};

            if (data.length > 0) {
                thisGist = data[0];
            } else {
                thisGist = {
                    owner: {
                        login: usernameInput
                    html_url: noGistMsg
    updateGistList = (gist) => {
        let username = gist.owner.login,
            url = gist.html_url,
            gistList = this.state.gistList;
        gistList = gistList.concat({ username, url });
        this.setState({ gistList });
    render() {
        return (
                <GistForm submitUser={this.getGist} />
                <GistList gistList={this.state.gistList} />
class GistForm extends React.Component {

    state = {
        username: ''

    formChange = (e) => {
        this.setState({ username: });
    formSubmit = (e) => {
        if (this.state.username.length > 0) {
            this.setState({ username: '' });
    render() {
        return (
                <form onSubmit={this.formSubmit}>
                    <label>Enter a GitHub username for a link to their last Gist:<br/>
                    <button>Get Gist</button>
class GistList extends React.Component {
    render() {
        const { gistList } = this.props;
        return (
                    { (gist, idx) => <Gist key={idx} gist={gist} /> ) }
class Gist extends React.Component {
    render() {
        const { username, url } = this.props.gist,
              userurl = (url === noGistMsg) ? noGistMsg : <a href={url} target="kdcNewWin">{url}</a>;
        return (
            <tr className="listitem">
        <footer dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: document.querySelector('footer').innerHTML}}></footer>