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I loved Virgil's Dribble shot and decided to remake it with some SVG animations :) I didn't really want to recreate the curvy line since I believe straight lines are more accurate. Sorry Virgil, I might make them curvy one day :)! With a bit of time on my hands I could make it even more detailed. I hope you like it and post some feedback on how to make this better :)! Don't forget to check out the original at http://goo.gl/0aKiS0

Kudos Virgil!


  1. Great work brotha! Clean dev.

  2. @ftntravis Thanks! Still think I could have done it much cleaner for sure! :)

  3. This dashboard is sooo awesome !!

  4. @solvm @asna_farid @maggiben Thanks, appreciate the kind words!

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