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Each shooting star is attracted by gravity points which have they own gravity force.

This Pen is a fork of Jeremie Boulay's Pen _ Cloud of Linked Particles _.


  1. That is so cool. Well done, sir!!

  2. Thank you !

  3. Well done! I tried to create something like this, but your code clear and elegant. Can I use your code for drawing dust under light spot? Have you any idea how to use dots instead of lines?

  4. Thank you very much @dubaua ! No problems for using my code if you do not forgotten to name me :)

    To having points instead of lines, you must delete the array of old positions (this.train) and her draw. Look at l.32-36 and l.53-60.

  5. @Jeremboo Thank you a lot. Can you advice me how to make elliptic motion path instead of circle? Then I modify code above with my requirements: grey scale colors with opacity and other configurations.

  6. I wish I was that good at Javascript.

  7. @dubaua In what context you want to use this code? You can fork my Pen on CodePen and modify that as you want. And this will make easy to explain your modifications :)

    @Phis It was a good idea to moving your panets !

    @Mewpowa Thank you but I 'm not that strong haha ! With time it will comes

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