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  1. What is not true: A The virtual buffer allows screen readers to convert HTML on the web page into a flat document, in the order the HTML appears in the source code, along with other semantic information. B Ajax request will always update the virtual buffer C Changing aria-selected="false" to aria-selected="true" will update the virtual buffer Answer: B

  2. Open question: which different modes of reading web pages does a screen reader have and for what purpose?

    Correct answer:

    1. Document mode: regular reading mode
    2. Forms mode: to allow users to type text (keyboard shortcuts associated with letters and numbers are disabled).
    3. Appliction mode: allow web developers to implement keyboard functionality they need to make the application work (disables nearly all regular keyboard shortcuts).
    4. Virtual cursor mode: an invisible cursor which is free to roam the document by the same units of text that would be available in a word processing application: characters, words, lines, paragraphs, etc.


  3. Name the three screen reader modes:

    Right answer:

    • Document mode
    • Form mode
    • Application mode

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