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a demo showing how to use html5 form validation classes with Bootstrap 4


  1. Hi Jacob
    How are you doing, i am sure great.

    This is in regards to the validation you had on Codepen Ref : https://codepen.io/JacobLett/pen/YORzPe

    First i want to say thank you cos that helped alot

    The issue i am having and working on is getting this form sent to an email (Email Contact Form) after the Validation process.

    Referining the code in this tutorial

    // Replace alert with https://codepen.io/JacobLett/pen/YORzPe here... alert("your form is valid and ready to send");

    Please help with pointing me at the right direction so that this can submit to an Email I am guessing PHP will be needed for this as well

    I look forward to your response

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