Came To A Conclusion

I ran into a little problem. I understood enough HTML to markup any page. I may not be a JavaScript master but simple interactions or behaviors aren’t a difficult task for me to make happen. Plus, jQuery and the documentation, tutorials, and resources built around that framework can get me up and run on anything. I’m getting craftier with CSS3, well I should say SASS. All these starting foundations are great.

You have to understand the basics or fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but again where are the results from understanding the basics. That’s the problem I am still intern hunting, client seeking, and mentor searching. The reason being is because in this industry technology is evolving. Also, skill and what people create is so broad. Where can the simple basics fit in? There is only one way I can reach goals and be in a position I want to be in. Get better! Well, that’s simple but… how do I get better and in what areas?

Well based on two conversations I’ve had recently, I have come to a conclusion…. Learn ReactJS and fast.

Mentor's Wisdom

“Great you know the sugary syntax, now can you make the entire cake itself?”

That was one thing my mentor left me and if it went over your head, then great I’m not alone. When he first said it I was completely confused. What the hell does a cake have to do with this? Sugary syntax? What does all this mean? Well, those three responses signify my mentality far too good. The “sugar” is what makes the cake sweet, so what makes the cake itself? I knew syntax but I didn’t know the concepts and thinking. Knowing how to write code is not enough. You have to learn how to think about the code and other theoretical approaches towards developing anything.

I for the longest of time would copy and paste code, or play around until I got the behavior right. I wouldn’t follow a pattern, I didn’t care about safety or optimization. I just wanted my code to do what I wanted to do.

“The way I developed anything was childish. I have to grow up.”

So, the quest was on to do whatever it took to start thinking like a high-level developer. To start to break down everything and seek to understand before allowing my code to be understood. To practice common patterns and clean up my code or at least develop a sound structure. It was a great decision to take on that advice and figure out how to make any cake. But then I ran into another problem. It’s hard as hell to think about coding. I honestly rather copy and paste, to just explore and mess around until it’s right.

I may have got that mentality and I may be challenged a lot harder but it’s what I need in order to improve. As soon as I got a grip I was hit with another serious conversation.

“That’s fine and all but… how can you differentiate yourself? The future is web apps, components and how data is handled.”

Concepts on Top of Concepts

Thus, I must learn how to use and implement ReactJS in my workspace. I’ve heard of it and I know it’s fairly new. The thing is I am a young developer. I am just starting off so I didn’t understand the power behind React and all it offers, I still somewhat don’t. However, Peter Marton said it best you learn React for one main reason.

“Because React is mainly a concept and a library just secondly.”

So, now I have to learn new syntax along with a new concept that is technically built on top of a DOM/JavaScript concept that I haven’t fully grasped yet. If your mind is blown or confused just imagine how my mind feels. I think I went to many levels deep. I might be seeing Mal very soon. If you haven’t seen Inception then just don’t worry about it the point is I am taking on a lot. It is very difficult but I know I will get it. I have great help on my side.

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