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When I saw Karen Graw's (aka Avalonis) artwork that humanized the Disney cast, I was immediately intregued. Not yet having kids of my own though, I'm not really familiar with the newer animated films. I found myself flipping my eyes up and down to figure out who was who. Damned if I didn't think there was a better way to present this magnificant composite.

This Pen is a fork, but the parent Pen is now private.


  1. Updated to include a character portrait on the back side. If I'm feeling especially motivated, I'll put it on a Zurb Foundation block grid over the weekend so that kids can play around with it on an iPhone without the images being the size of postage stamps.

  2. Fixed a major bug (don't code at 2am then go to bed with a reload). Versioned up to 1.2 with responsive elements. Now very mobile-friendly.

  3. Thank you. I just forked it temporarily because the previous version missing a semicolon in the Sass code when I shared it with friends. Now it works great.

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