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Based on Filip Chudzinski's work on Dribbble : What do you think ?


  1. Really nice!

  2. Haha it took my eyes about a minute to realise the loader rotates counter-clockwise. =)

  3. Do you find this disturbing ?

  4. very good I had done the same thing 1 year ago but not in full css (I use raphael.js) congratulations anyway my old version >

  5. Your outer shadow seems too dark, and the reflection looks like it's under the border. It's kinda weird. Pretty accurate otherwise, nice one. :)

  6. So why is it called the Batman loader? Color scheme only?

  7. Yeah I guess. Another pen of mine with this particularly dark and shiny color scheme ( is inspired by a Dribbble shot which was called "Batman login form", so I kept the name. It pleases me.

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