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Inspired by Mike Ackerman's work on Dribbble : http://dribbble.com/shots/337902-Light-Switches. Except for the right shadow on the initial state, it was pretty easy to do. I even felt confident enough to change some shadows from the original work.


  1. that right shadow looks kinda odd :| no?

  2. Yeah, Tim Pietrusky just told me the same thing. I'm digging into it guys, give me a few moments. ;)

  3. Fixed. I didn't ordered gradients in the good way. Better, na ? :)

  4. better :) maybe a lil less opaque around 0.6

  5. I slightly reduced its opacity. :)

  6. Great stuff, opened my mind to new cool possibilities. Question: why did you hide the checkbox with clip, position and visibility? why not just display:none?

  7. @climbinghobo Cross browser issues and accessibility. :)

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