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Inspired by Piotr Kwiatkowski's work on Dribbble : http://dribbble.com/shots/657699-Power-Button?list=following. Looks pretty accurate, doesn't it ? What a shame (-webkit-)filters are inherited and can't be cancelled, it looked way better with a tiny blur on the inner element. :(


  1. I love this! It's even better than the dribbble shot!

  2. This is so nice!

  3. That is beautiful and resolution independent as well. Nice work!

  4. Hi Hugo, I also like to make stuff inspired on photoshop design, like this toggle switch http://codepen.io/jroenf/full/KvLjk

  5. Yup, I just saw it, and it's quite cool indeed ! I have made a bunch of UI elements like that, check my other pens. ;)

  6. Very nice! I made one small change to this to make it depress when clicked: http://codepen.io/adelegard/pen/Dfdon

  7. Oh, nice. I also did it in an old version, but apparently forgot to save it. :P

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