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Inspired by Piotr Kwiatkowski's work on Dribbble : I could have probably manage the counter increment without any JS with a giant ordered list but wasn't in the mood for it. Looks sweet isn't it, right ? Pause on hover added, requested by Pavlo Mykhalov.


  1. Man, that's really smooth. Would be nice to have pause button to inspect the things around.

  2. There you go, you can now hover the loader to pause the animation. :)

  3. Ultra awesome smooth. I think you can reduce the ".wrapper .load-bar-inner: box-shadow" a bit ;)

  4. Done. Better. Thanks Tim. :P

  5. Just thinking about how cool this would be as a simple status / percentage indicator without the JS. Just setting a title, color and bar percentage in html, and stacking several of these one on top of another would look incredible. (hinting that I can't figure out how to do it.)

    Excellent work, and kudos for tipping your hat to Piotr over on Dribble. Developers with moral fiber rule the world!


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