I've been busy lately so I'd forgotten to post here. My apologies!! But I'd like to briefly tough on something. Namely jobs. Now when I started to learn to code over a year ago I thought like the majority of people doing this I'd like to work at it eventually. Maybe I'd be lucky enough to make a career of it But the more I learnt and the more I looked I started to doubt that idea. While theres always going to be a demand for coders I just didn't like the environment I was reading about. Theres this constant pressure to know the latest language and be an ace with all the "in" frameworks. I don't do pressure well & I thought "Nope, thats not for me thanks!" I enjoy doing this for fun. I take an element and figure out for myself how to integrate it into whatever I'm currently doing. @keyframes being a good example. I'm no expert but I've learnt a lot from that approach. I don't want to lose that sense of discovery. Also I'm figuring out design. What works for me & what doesn't. That actually surprised me. I love that! And its going to continue.

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