I love coding. Its fun and creative and you can do as much or as little with the tools it gives you. But theres something about it that I don’t like. Egos. The overbearing egotistical twats who think that because they know far more than everyone else, that they have the right to look down and insult the rest of us. I speak from experience having been blocked on Twitter by one individual for having the temerity of expressing a dissenting opinion to hers. Other “real developers” I’ve seen in exchanges see fit to talk down to people for such trivial stuff as not using a particular framework or application.

What would anyone looking at the industry from outside think when they see this?. I was one of those, and I’ll admit I had thought about going down the development route as a alternate career path, but I decided against it. Theres far too much pressure to know EVERYTHING and be expert on ALL the frameworks. The zealots that believe in one piece of kit over another are just too tiring to listen to.

I find it ridiculous as well that when the web design media interview some of these people they’re treated like they’ve got some kind of insight that the rest of us don’t. Nobody knows what the future will hold. Designers and frameworks are rather like hipsters. They’re so desperate to be relevant and ahead of the rest of us. I recently read an interview where certain web designers were asked what other designers should be learning in order to stay ahead. Right now its ReactJS and isomorphic (excuse me?!) Javascript apparently. Really?…Hmm… Sorry lads but that ain’t relevant to me and I’d say 99% of other coders/developers.

Then theres the job titles. Ah yes!! This is where the egos run riot. Are you a front end or back end developer? No? Oh you must be a full stack developer then (falls and worships at the feet of a guru). Seriously at its core, web design is all about coding, THATS where it all ultimately comes from. We’re all coders so get over yourselves people!!

Theres also another reason why I wouldn’t code as a career . Design. I really like getting an idea and coding it to the way I want it . Thats fun. A lot of fun. Real developers, and what the hell IS a real developer anyway?! doubtless would be appalled, but they’re missing the point. Good web sites come from a good design idea which in turn can be coded simply. No need for the latest framework to show how great you are.

Some of the advice I read in this area was from someone who said. Learn HTML, CSS & Javascript REALLY well and you’ll be fine. I’ve added Bootstrap to that list and I can do my projects just fine. I’ve no need to know everything and my ego is fine.

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