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  <li>open real browser console when testing</li>
  <li>press m key once to start animation</li>
  <li>press m again while animation is running</li>
  <li>desired result is that box turns magenta AFTER green box stops moving</li>
  <li><strong>set fixed = true on line 2 to see "solution"</strong></li>
  <li>use the "run" button to replay</li>

<div id="box"></div>



                #box {
  position: absolute;
  width: 100px;
  height: 100px;
  background: green;


var fixed = false; // change to true to see "solution".

// callbacks queueing via gsap animation.
// 1. add array of objects holding callbacks
// 2. check if there is anything add to queue, if so take first object and add it to timeline
// 3. run the timeline
// 4. if timeline finishes, start next function to take another element from queue
// 5. do that until there is nothing in queue
var tl = new TimelineMax();

var obj = {
  // first move first element from arr.move to arr.playing (currently playing) and run function next 
	add: function (arr) {
	next: function () {
// check if there is anything to process
		if ( arrays.playing.length ) {
      console.log("is timeline active?", tl.isActive())
      console.log("what is the duration() of tl?", tl.duration())
      // and if timeline is playing
			if ( !tl.isActive() ) {
        // take first object from current queue 
				var callback = arrays.playing.shift();
				if ( callback ) {
          if(fixed === false){
            console.log("Look you are adding a function to a timeline, not any animations. see below");
            console.log("callback.fn", callback.fn);
            console.log("adding functions to a timeline does not make it active");
          if(fixed === true){
            console.log("Look you are adding the timeline that callback.fn() returns");
            console.log("callback.fn", callback.fn());
            console.log("the timeline now has a duration() of", tl.duration());
 //$("#box"), 3, { y: "+=100"})
         // add that object to timeline
  // move #box 100px to right if someone calls 
	red: function () {
		var tt = new TimelineMax;
			.to($("#box"), 3, { x: "+=100"})
		return tt

 // same with this.magenta
	magenta: function () {
		var tt = new TimelineMax;
		tt.set($("#box"), { "backgroundColor": "#ff00ff" })
		return tt


// array holding objects each one may be added to queue
var arrays = {
	playing: [],
	move:    [ { fn: } , { fn: obj.magenta }]

	if ( e.which == 77 ) {
    // by pressing "m" add array of callbacks to queue processing