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                <div class="message">Why GSAP, WHY?!</div>


                body, html { height: 100%; }
body { 
	display: flex; flex-direction: column; justify-content: center; align-items: center; 
	font: 36px/1.5 "Verdana", Sans-Serif;
	color: fuchsia;


// Problem with multiple text-write-sequences

$(document).ready(function() {
	var tl = new TimelineMax();
			.add(write(".message", "this is blank now :("))
			.to(".message", 1, { color: "red" })
			.add(write(".message", "But <span>...</span> [pause=.4] another message kills it all!"))
			.to(".message", 1, { color: "green" })
	$("button").click(function() {;

write = function(elem, text, cps ) {

	// jQuerynize- 
	var $elem = $(elem);
	// if text is empty, write the current text 
	var text = (text == undefined || text == "") ? $elem.text() : text; 
	var originalHTML = $elem.html();
	var $container = $elem.clone();

	// set chars per second 
	cps = (cps != undefined) ? cps : 22;

	// change the HTML of $elem to the text and immediately create a SplitText 
	var split = new SplitText( $container.html( text ), { type: "words, chars" } );

	var tl = new TimelineMax({onStart:function() {
	}, onReverseComplete: function() {
	var offset = .1; // start at .1, in order to have at least one frame with not letters at all

	// Helper function  
	// in case I will add some randomeness 
	var offsetUp = function() { return offset = offset + 1/cps; } // random is nich kuhl  + ((chanceRoll(20)) ? 1/cps*random(0,2) : 0) 

	// Damit beim initical call auch eine Animation passiert 
	TweenMax.set(split.chars, { opacity: 0 });

	// Pause regexp, example:   [pause=.5] or [pause=12]
	var pause = new RegExp(/\[pause=([^\]]+)\]/);

	$.each(split.words, function(index, word) {

		// if pause regexp has a match, increase offset with captured value
		// and delete delete word and skip this one loop
		var match = pause.exec($(word).text());
		if (match != null) {
			offset = offset + parseFloat(match[1]);
			return true; // jquery way to skip one $.each; // return false would break it totally

		// no whitespace at the first word
		// first word index 0, therefore effecitvely false, profit! 
		if (index) { offsetUp(); } // offset einen buchstaben weiter

		$.each(word.children, function(index, char) {

			tl.set(char, { opacity: 1 }, offset);

			// slow spans down for dramatical effect 
			if ($(word).parent("span").length > 0) { offsetUp(); offsetUp(); offsetUp(); } // I know I could use a factor as parameter! :D


	return tl;