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Demonstrates some nifty SVG morphing capabilities in the new MorphSVGPlugin from GreenSock. Notice the start and end shapes don't need to have matching quantities (or types) of points.

MorphSVGPlugin is a membership benefit of Club GreenSock: http://greensock.com/club/ ("Shockingly Green" level and higher)


  1. Ooooooooh that cape oooooooooh

  2. MorphSVGPlugin is what we need. Awesome! Thx, GSAP Team!

  3. damn, some serious power coding on that cape.

  4. @Felipe, yeah, sorry about that - I had to employ sine waves (trig) to make that effect super natural-looking. Fun! Sorry if it was a bit overwhelming. At least the morphing code was all super simple :)

  5. I wish i can give this 2 hearts, buttery smooth :)

  6. Thank You From My Heart ♥ WoOow :)

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