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A 3d Flip Clock using CSS transforms and transitions and a little JS to get things going.


  1. Very nice, i literally sat here watching for a good while. Keep up the nice coding :)

  2. Thanks man, When I get the time I'll re-factor this into a plugin of some sort for making airport style flip-boards or something.

  3. pm? html am.

  4. @asgator not sure what you mean? Are the pm and am not showing correctly on 12? Whipped this up pretty quick, not sure I checked.

  5. Love it, Gerwin! I'm using it on http://ninasword.wpengine.com/

    One bug - IE9 doesn't like the meridiem on the flip of the digit, and it appears to inherit the font properties of the number i.e. huge :) To fix it I had to target it with .digit-bottom .front > div. See my fork of your pen here: http://codepen.io/JoelEadeDesign/pen/rlips


  6. @JoelEadeDesign Mate, that looks awesome! I'm so glad you found such a good use for it. Great job! Thanks for the fix also :) Cheers.

  7. Cheers mate :)

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