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              <div id="main">
  <p class="primary">Spaceships are pretty cool.</p>
		<div id="spacehip_1" class="spaceships">
			<p class="primary">The Copernicus is an exo-atmospheric vessel.</p>
			<p>It orbits the sun collecting the energy from solar flares in large batteries.</p>
			<p>These reserves are then sold to energy deprived, colonised planets in the outer solar system.</p>
				<li>Age: 55 years</li>
				<li>Capacity: 6,000 Zettawatt</li>
				<li class="red" id="pink">ZettaSolar Corporation</li>
              #main {
  font-family: Tahoma;
/* color for all paragraphs */
p {	color: #808080; }

.primary { color: black; }

/* Spacehips div p specificity test */
div#main div.spaceships p { color: grey; }
div.spaceships p { color: red; }
h3 ~ p { color: yellow; }
div div p { color: blue; }

/* Spacehips div p.primary specificity test */
div#main div.spaceships p.primary { color: darkkhaki; }
div.spaceships p.primary { color: darkslategray; }
h3 ~ p.primary { color: chocolate; }
div div p.primary { color: aqua; }

/* Are IDs or Classes more specific? */
#pink { color: #FF1493; }
.red { color: #FF4500; }

/* .primary { color: blue !important } */
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