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Script automatically adds the material design effect to elements with 'material-design' class. Can also be used on div with images. Add the preferred color as value of the 'data-color' attribute.


  1. Nice work, but you can also do this without canvas:

  2. @boriskauser Yeah, this looks cool! I really like the animation speed. I like using canvas due to its performance and cross browser compatibility features.

  3. @boriskaiser Here's better one: You've got small bug. Just try apply border-radius: 50% to your button. You'll notice overflow bug ( material animation will leak outside element ).

  4. Nice! However, Material Design uses Roboto instead of Open Sans :)

  5. @lachlanjc haha, you're right! i should have called them "material design inspired buttons" :)

  6. Nice work ;) Check our collection of MDB Buttons ;)

  7. >#Can You Please Look At Mine?: Click Here

  8. like it a lot! maybe consider adding "cursor: pointer;" to the canvas style? good work!

  9. This is cool, but it would be even better if you mad the ripples fade away when the mouseup event was fired. Check out my examples here: Material Design Components

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