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    <p>Find a product in your house and enter the full UPC (the 12 digit number under the barcode),</br>or enter 652810119337 if you are to lazy to find something in your house.</br>Press the <span style="font-weight:bold;">Generate Barcode</span> button.</br>To test, scan the barcode with a barcode scanner app on your phone.</p>
        <P><span style="font-weight:bold;">Enter UPC-A:</span> 
            <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" id="upcnumber" value="652810119337">
            <INPUT TYPE="Button" Value="Generate Barcode" id="clear" onClick="generateBarcode();">

<div id="container" style="margin:30px,0,0,0;">
<svg id="upcCode"></svg>
<button value="" onclick="download()">Save as SVG</button><br><br>


                body {
.chart rect {
  fill: black;



                function generateBarcode() {
    // Reterive the entered barcode
    var u = document.getElementById('upcnumber').value;
    // Split it into an array
    var upc = u.split('');
    // Break up the barcode. Used for writing the numbers underneath the bar code.
    var ns = u.substring(0, 1); //Number System
    var mc = u.substring(1, 6); //Manufactures Code
    var pc = u.substring(6, 11); //Product Code
    var cd = u.substring(11, 12); //Check Digit

    // Modules for barcodes
    var sg = ["101"]; //Start and End Guards are 3 modules
    var mg = ["01010"]; //Middle Guard is 5 modules
    // Each number, 0 through 9, is 7 modules.
    // Left side of the Middle Guard (manufactures code) is odd parity
    var op = ["0001101", "0011001", "0010011", "0111101", "0100011", "0110001", "0101111", "0111011", "0110111", "0001011"];
    // Right side of Middle Guard (product code) is even parity
    var ep = ["1110010", "1100110", "1101100", "1000010", "1011100", "1001110", "1010000", "1000100", "1001000", "1110100"];

    // Loop through the first 6 digits of the barcode and find their corresponding modules in the odd parity array
    upcOP = "";
    var i = 0;
    while (i <= 5) {
        upcOP += op[upc[i]];

    // Loop through the last 6 digits of the barcode and find their corresponding modules in the even parity array
    upcEP = "";
    var i = 6;
    while (i <= 11) {
        upcEP += ep[upc[i]];

    // Create a string of all the modules including the guards
    var data = sg + upcOP + mg + upcEP + sg;

    // Set height and width of the barcode modules
    var height = 100,
        barWidth = 2;

    // Sets scale range for barcode
    var x = d3.scale.linear()
        .domain([0, d3.max(data)]) // length
    .range([0, height]); // height"#upcCode").remove(); //Clear the SVG container if a new upc code has been entered

    // Select container div and create new holder for the upc
    var chart ="#container")
        .attr("id", "upcCode")

    // Set the size of the upc holder
    var chart ="#upcCode")
        .attr("height", "130px")
        .attr("width", barWidth * data.length + 40);

    // Draw the barcode
    var bar = chart.selectAll("g")
        .attr("transform", function (d, i) {
        return "translate(" + i * barWidth + ")";

        .attr("height",function(d, i) { 
          // Adjusts the height of the guard bars by looking at their index
          if (i==0||i==2||i==46||i==48||i==92||i==94){return (d*100)} else {return(d*80)};
        .attr("width", barWidth);

    // Write human readable numbers under the barcode
        .attr("x", "1px")
        .attr("y", "100px")
        .style("font-size", "24px")
        .style("font-family", "sans-serif")

        .attr("x", "38px")
        .attr("y", "100px")
        .style("font-size", "24px")
        .style("font-family", "sans-serif")

        .attr("x", "128px")
        .attr("y", "100px")
        .style("font-size", "24px")
        .style("font-family", "sans-serif")

        .attr("x", "215px")
        .attr("y", "100px")
        .style("font-size", "24px")
        .style("font-family", "sans-serif")

function download(){
	var svg = document.getElementsByTagName("svg")[0];
	var svg_xml = (new XMLSerializer).serializeToString(svg);
	var blob = new Blob([svg_xml]);
	var url = window.URL || window.webkitURL;
	var blobURL = url.createObjectURL(blob);
	var a = document.createElement('a'); = "Barcode.svg";
	a.href = blobURL;