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Designed for use with Chrome. Hover them :)


  1. wow, this is a pretty amazing effect. feels very real, especially with the use of the fonts.

  2. adorably

  3. Look's nice but need to add some transition effect.

  4. Fonts were the best part. !!

  5. This work is truly amazing.

  6. Hey Nobody rocks I have created a tutorial based on your pen, I hope it is alright. Here is the link http://8mags.com/lessons/css/glowtextshadow.php Thank you.

  7. I really like this thing! I converted this into a more reusable compass SCSS mixin, I hope you don't mind: http://codepen.io/megakoresh/pen/zxVqWa

  8. Very clean. good job

  9. Awesome! Inspiring. Thanks

  10. Totally COOL !! Great job man.

  11. This is so awesome, and STILL stands out after "3 years of everyone practising CSS" later.

  12. This is fantastic - thank you. It's really not what I was searching for when I stumbled upon it, but it's still getting bookmarked for later use ;D

  13. th!

  14. nice, with fonts its 50% better : )

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