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  1. Wow. Clever stuff.

  2. Changing "even" to "odd" in the CSS doesn't seem to work for me. It might be a CodePen weirdness though...

  3. This is brilliant!

  4. Brilliant stuff as always Fabrice. I'll definitely have to deal with some things like this sooner or later.

  5. Now it's working even better. Only chaining of pseudo elements isn't possible yet.

  6. Ultra awesome! I'm going to use this soon :D

  7. Thanks alot. Hope i will get it to work even bettet. Some thing won't work.

  8. yeah great, i'm working on something similar : http://clearideaz.com/jkerny/. It supports media queries. It could possibly help you...

  9. Great! I wass looking for this

  10. Great! I wass looking for this

  11. Great work @Olivier. I did a rewrite today now everything schoud work as expected. At least I hope it dose. Will write some Test later.

  12. I like it. Alot!

  13. Very nice Fabrice, but it seems not to work on external CSS files only work inside the tag on the HTML file. Correct if I'm wrong.

  14. Forkin' A this is cool! Gonna use this concept fer sher.

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