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<h1><a href="https://www.freecodecamp.org/challenges/show-national-contiguity-with-a-force-directed-graph" target="_blank">Show National Contiguity with a Force Directed Graph</a></h1>
    <p><a href="https://youtu.be/cJ6NdluzEG8" target="_blank">Watch this tutorial</a></p>

<!-- Footer-->
<div class="row text-center">
			<div class="col-xs-12">
				<div class="tableFooter">
				  <!-- for footer -->
      <div class="col-xs-6">
      <h5><a href="http://www.eleftheriabatsou.com" target="_blank">Eleftheria</a> | <a href="https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou" target="_blank">Projects</a> | <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC-WwYv3DEW7Nkm_IP6VeQQ" target="_blank"> Coding videos </a></h5>
      <!-- social media -->
      <div class="col-xs-6 text-primary">
        <a href="https://twitter.com/BatsouElef" target="_blank">
     <img class="footerSvg"src="https://image.flaticon.com/icons/svg/60/60580.svg" 
      style="text-align:center" alt="twitter"> 
         <a href="https://github.com/EleftheriaBatsou" target="_blank">
     <img class="footerSvg" src="https://image.flaticon.com/icons/svg/25/25657.svg" 
      style="text-align:center" alt="github"> 
        <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC-WwYv3DEW7Nkm_IP6VeQQ" target="_blank">
     <img class="footerSvg" src="https://image.flaticon.com/icons/svg/25/25312.svg" 
       style="text-align:center" alt="youtube"> 
    <!-- end footer -->
<!-- end of Footer -->

<!-- Force directed graph -->
<div id='container'>
  <div id='graph'>
    <div id='flags'></div>


              body { background-color:lightgray; }

h1, h3, p { text-align:center; }

#container { margin: auto; }

.link { stroke: red; }

#flags {
  position: absolute;

* find the flag-sprite here: https://www.flag-sprites.com/
* create an image and downlaod the file...
* You don't have to upload your own image, 
* you can simply right click on the flag-sprites's image 
* and select copy image address.
* In flags.css (from the file you download) you can copy-paste the .flag.flag-ad section

.flag {
	width: 16px;
	height: 11px;
  position: absolute;
	background: url(https://media.flag-sprites.com/veowpp/flags.png) no-repeat;

.flag.flag-ad {background-position: -16px 0}
.flag.flag-ae {background-position: -32px 0}
.flag.flag-af {background-position: -48px 0}
.flag.flag-ag {background-position: -64px 0}
.flag.flag-ai {background-position: -80px 0}
.flag.flag-al {background-position: -96px 0}
.flag.flag-am {background-position: -112px 0}
.flag.flag-an {background-position: -128px 0}
.flag.flag-ao {background-position: -144px 0}
.flag.flag-ar {background-position: -160px 0}
.flag.flag-as {background-position: -176px 0}
.flag.flag-at {background-position: -192px 0}
.flag.flag-au {background-position: -208px 0}
.flag.flag-aw {background-position: -224px 0}
.flag.flag-az {background-position: -240px 0}
.flag.flag-ba {background-position: 0 -11px}
.flag.flag-bb {background-position: -16px -11px}
.flag.flag-bd {background-position: -32px -11px}
.flag.flag-be {background-position: -48px -11px}
.flag.flag-bf {background-position: -64px -11px}
.flag.flag-bg {background-position: -80px -11px}
.flag.flag-bh {background-position: -96px -11px}
.flag.flag-bi {background-position: -112px -11px}
.flag.flag-bj {background-position: -128px -11px}
.flag.flag-bm {background-position: -144px -11px}
.flag.flag-bn {background-position: -160px -11px}
.flag.flag-bo {background-position: -176px -11px}
.flag.flag-br {background-position: -192px -11px}
.flag.flag-bs {background-position: -208px -11px}
.flag.flag-bt {background-position: -224px -11px}
.flag.flag-bv {background-position: -240px -11px}
.flag.flag-bw {background-position: 0 -22px}
.flag.flag-by {background-position: -16px -22px}
.flag.flag-bz {background-position: -32px -22px}
.flag.flag-ca {background-position: -48px -22px}
.flag.flag-catalonia {background-position: -64px -22px}
.flag.flag-cd {background-position: -80px -22px}
.flag.flag-cf {background-position: -96px -22px}
.flag.flag-cg {background-position: -112px -22px}
.flag.flag-ch {background-position: -128px -22px}
.flag.flag-ci {background-position: -144px -22px}
.flag.flag-ck {background-position: -160px -22px}
.flag.flag-cl {background-position: -176px -22px}
.flag.flag-cm {background-position: -192px -22px}
.flag.flag-cn {background-position: -208px -22px}
.flag.flag-co {background-position: -224px -22px}
.flag.flag-cr {background-position: -240px -22px}
.flag.flag-cu {background-position: 0 -33px}
.flag.flag-cv {background-position: -16px -33px}
.flag.flag-cw {background-position: -32px -33px}
.flag.flag-cy {background-position: -48px -33px}
.flag.flag-cz {background-position: -64px -33px}
.flag.flag-de {background-position: -80px -33px}
.flag.flag-dj {background-position: -96px -33px}
.flag.flag-dk {background-position: -112px -33px}
.flag.flag-dm {background-position: -128px -33px}
.flag.flag-do {background-position: -144px -33px}
.flag.flag-dz {background-position: -160px -33px}
.flag.flag-ec {background-position: -176px -33px}
.flag.flag-ee {background-position: -192px -33px}
.flag.flag-eg {background-position: -208px -33px}
.flag.flag-eh {background-position: -224px -33px}
.flag.flag-england {background-position: -240px -33px}
.flag.flag-er {background-position: 0 -44px}
.flag.flag-es {background-position: -16px -44px}
.flag.flag-et {background-position: -32px -44px}
.flag.flag-eu {background-position: -48px -44px}
.flag.flag-fi {background-position: -64px -44px}
.flag.flag-fj {background-position: -80px -44px}
.flag.flag-fk {background-position: -96px -44px}
.flag.flag-fm {background-position: -112px -44px}
.flag.flag-fo {background-position: -128px -44px}
.flag.flag-fr {background-position: -144px -44px}
.flag.flag-ga {background-position: -160px -44px}
.flag.flag-gb {background-position: -176px -44px}
.flag.flag-gd {background-position: -192px -44px}
.flag.flag-ge {background-position: -208px -44px}
.flag.flag-gf {background-position: -224px -44px}
.flag.flag-gg {background-position: -240px -44px}
.flag.flag-gh {background-position: 0 -55px}
.flag.flag-gi {background-position: -16px -55px}
.flag.flag-gl {background-position: -32px -55px}
.flag.flag-gm {background-position: -48px -55px}
.flag.flag-gn {background-position: -64px -55px}
.flag.flag-gp {background-position: -80px -55px}
.flag.flag-gq {background-position: -96px -55px}
.flag.flag-gr {background-position: -112px -55px}
.flag.flag-gs {background-position: -128px -55px}
.flag.flag-gt {background-position: -144px -55px}
.flag.flag-gu {background-position: -160px -55px}
.flag.flag-gw {background-position: -176px -55px}
.flag.flag-gy {background-position: -192px -55px}
.flag.flag-hk {background-position: -208px -55px}
.flag.flag-hm {background-position: -224px -55px}
.flag.flag-hn {background-position: -240px -55px}
.flag.flag-hr {background-position: 0 -66px}
.flag.flag-ht {background-position: -16px -66px}
.flag.flag-hu {background-position: -32px -66px}
.flag.flag-ic {background-position: -48px -66px}
.flag.flag-id {background-position: -64px -66px}
.flag.flag-ie {background-position: -80px -66px}
.flag.flag-il {background-position: -96px -66px}
.flag.flag-im {background-position: -112px -66px}
.flag.flag-in {background-position: -128px -66px}
.flag.flag-io {background-position: -144px -66px}
.flag.flag-iq {background-position: -160px -66px}
.flag.flag-ir {background-position: -176px -66px}
.flag.flag-is {background-position: -192px -66px}
.flag.flag-it {background-position: -208px -66px}
.flag.flag-je {background-position: -224px -66px}
.flag.flag-jm {background-position: -240px -66px}
.flag.flag-jo {background-position: 0 -77px}
.flag.flag-jp {background-position: -16px -77px}
.flag.flag-ke {background-position: -32px -77px}
.flag.flag-kg {background-position: -48px -77px}
.flag.flag-kh {background-position: -64px -77px}
.flag.flag-ki {background-position: -80px -77px}
.flag.flag-km {background-position: -96px -77px}
.flag.flag-kn {background-position: -112px -77px}
.flag.flag-kp {background-position: -128px -77px}
.flag.flag-kr {background-position: -144px -77px}
.flag.flag-kurdistan {background-position: -160px -77px}
.flag.flag-kw {background-position: -176px -77px}
.flag.flag-ky {background-position: -192px -77px}
.flag.flag-kz {background-position: -208px -77px}
.flag.flag-la {background-position: -224px -77px}
.flag.flag-lb {background-position: -240px -77px}
.flag.flag-lc {background-position: 0 -88px}
.flag.flag-li {background-position: -16px -88px}
.flag.flag-lk {background-position: -32px -88px}
.flag.flag-lr {background-position: -48px -88px}
.flag.flag-ls {background-position: -64px -88px}
.flag.flag-lt {background-position: -80px -88px}
.flag.flag-lu {background-position: -96px -88px}
.flag.flag-lv {background-position: -112px -88px}
.flag.flag-ly {background-position: -128px -88px}
.flag.flag-ma {background-position: -144px -88px}
.flag.flag-mc {background-position: -160px -88px}
.flag.flag-md {background-position: -176px -88px}
.flag.flag-me {background-position: -192px -88px}
.flag.flag-mg {background-position: -208px -88px}
.flag.flag-mh {background-position: -224px -88px}
.flag.flag-mk {background-position: -240px -88px}
.flag.flag-ml {background-position: 0 -99px}
.flag.flag-mm {background-position: -16px -99px}
.flag.flag-mn {background-position: -32px -99px}
.flag.flag-mo {background-position: -48px -99px}
.flag.flag-mp {background-position: -64px -99px}
.flag.flag-mq {background-position: -80px -99px}
.flag.flag-mr {background-position: -96px -99px}
.flag.flag-ms {background-position: -112px -99px}
.flag.flag-mt {background-position: -128px -99px}
.flag.flag-mu {background-position: -144px -99px}
.flag.flag-mv {background-position: -160px -99px}
.flag.flag-mw {background-position: -176px -99px}
.flag.flag-mx {background-position: -192px -99px}
.flag.flag-my {background-position: -208px -99px}
.flag.flag-mz {background-position: -224px -99px}
.flag.flag-na {background-position: -240px -99px}
.flag.flag-nc {background-position: 0 -110px}
.flag.flag-ne {background-position: -16px -110px}
.flag.flag-nf {background-position: -32px -110px}
.flag.flag-ng {background-position: -48px -110px}
.flag.flag-ni {background-position: -64px -110px}
.flag.flag-nl {background-position: -80px -110px}
.flag.flag-no {background-position: -96px -110px}
.flag.flag-np {background-position: -112px -110px}
.flag.flag-nr {background-position: -128px -110px}
.flag.flag-nu {background-position: -144px -110px}
.flag.flag-nz {background-position: -160px -110px}
.flag.flag-om {background-position: -176px -110px}
.flag.flag-pa {background-position: -192px -110px}
.flag.flag-pe {background-position: -208px -110px}
.flag.flag-pf {background-position: -224px -110px}
.flag.flag-pg {background-position: -240px -110px}
.flag.flag-ph {background-position: 0 -121px}
.flag.flag-pk {background-position: -16px -121px}
.flag.flag-pl {background-position: -32px -121px}
.flag.flag-pm {background-position: -48px -121px}
.flag.flag-pn {background-position: -64px -121px}
.flag.flag-pr {background-position: -80px -121px}
.flag.flag-ps {background-position: -96px -121px}
.flag.flag-pt {background-position: -112px -121px}
.flag.flag-pw {background-position: -128px -121px}
.flag.flag-py {background-position: -144px -121px}
.flag.flag-qa {background-position: -160px -121px}
.flag.flag-re {background-position: -176px -121px}
.flag.flag-ro {background-position: -192px -121px}
.flag.flag-rs {background-position: -208px -121px}
.flag.flag-ru {background-position: -224px -121px}
.flag.flag-rw {background-position: -240px -121px}
.flag.flag-sa {background-position: 0 -132px}
.flag.flag-sb {background-position: -16px -132px}
.flag.flag-sc {background-position: -32px -132px}
.flag.flag-scotland {background-position: -48px -132px}
.flag.flag-sd {background-position: -64px -132px}
.flag.flag-se {background-position: -80px -132px}
.flag.flag-sg {background-position: -96px -132px}
.flag.flag-sh {background-position: -112px -132px}
.flag.flag-si {background-position: -128px -132px}
.flag.flag-sk {background-position: -144px -132px}
.flag.flag-sl {background-position: -160px -132px}
.flag.flag-sm {background-position: -176px -132px}
.flag.flag-sn {background-position: -192px -132px}
.flag.flag-so {background-position: -208px -132px}
.flag.flag-somaliland {background-position: -224px -132px}
.flag.flag-sr {background-position: -240px -132px}
.flag.flag-ss {background-position: 0 -143px}
.flag.flag-st {background-position: -16px -143px}
.flag.flag-sv {background-position: -32px -143px}
.flag.flag-sx {background-position: -48px -143px}
.flag.flag-sy {background-position: -64px -143px}
.flag.flag-sz {background-position: -80px -143px}
.flag.flag-tc {background-position: -96px -143px}
.flag.flag-td {background-position: -112px -143px}
.flag.flag-tf {background-position: -128px -143px}
.flag.flag-tg {background-position: -144px -143px}
.flag.flag-th {background-position: -160px -143px}
.flag.flag-tibet {background-position: -176px -143px}
.flag.flag-tj {background-position: -192px -143px}
.flag.flag-tk {background-position: -208px -143px}
.flag.flag-tl {background-position: -224px -143px}
.flag.flag-tm {background-position: -240px -143px}
.flag.flag-tn {background-position: 0 -154px}
.flag.flag-to {background-position: -16px -154px}
.flag.flag-tr {background-position: -32px -154px}
.flag.flag-tt {background-position: -48px -154px}
.flag.flag-tv {background-position: -64px -154px}
.flag.flag-tw {background-position: -80px -154px}
.flag.flag-tz {background-position: -96px -154px}
.flag.flag-ua {background-position: -112px -154px}
.flag.flag-ug {background-position: -128px -154px}
.flag.flag-um {background-position: -144px -154px}
.flag.flag-us {background-position: -160px -154px}
.flag.flag-uy {background-position: -176px -154px}
.flag.flag-uz {background-position: -192px -154px}
.flag.flag-va {background-position: -208px -154px}
.flag.flag-vc {background-position: -224px -154px}
.flag.flag-ve {background-position: -240px -154px}
.flag.flag-vg {background-position: 0 -165px}
.flag.flag-vi {background-position: -16px -165px}
.flag.flag-vn {background-position: -32px -165px}
.flag.flag-vu {background-position: -48px -165px}
.flag.flag-wales {background-position: -64px -165px}
.flag.flag-wf {background-position: -80px -165px}
.flag.flag-ws {background-position: -96px -165px}
.flag.flag-xk {background-position: -112px -165px}
.flag.flag-ye {background-position: -128px -165px}
.flag.flag-yt {background-position: -144px -165px}
.flag.flag-za {background-position: -160px -165px}
.flag.flag-zanzibar {background-position: -176px -165px}
.flag.flag-zm {background-position: -192px -165px}
.flag.flag-zw {background-position: -208px -165px}

 * Footer
a:link    {color:orangered;  text-decoration:none}
a:visited {color:orangered; text-decoration:none}
a:hover   {color:red; text-decoration:underline}

  margin-top: 15px;
  width: 32px;
              // Define the dimensions of the visualization. 
// We're using a size that's convenient for displaying the graphic on
var margin  = {top: 10, right: 5, bottom: 10, left: 100},
    width   = 1400-margin.left-margin.right,
    height  = 900-margin.top-margin.bottom;   
//We start off by creating an SVG
// container to hold the visualization. We only need to specify
// the dimensions for this container.
var svg = d3.select("body").append("svg")

//create the tooltip that holds the country name
var tooltip = d3.select('body').append('div') .attr("class","tooltip")
        'background' : 'orangered',

  // Extract the nodes and links from the data.
  var nodes = data["nodes"];
  var links = data["links"];
  // Now we create a force layout object and define its properties.
  // Those include the dimensions of the visualization and the arrays
  // of nodes and links.
  var force = d3.layout.force()
// There's one more property of the layout we need to define,
// its `linkDistance`. That's generally a configurable value and,
// for a simple example, we'd normally leave it at its default.
// Unfortunately, the default value results in a visualization
// that's not especially clear. This parameter defines the
// distance (normally in pixels) that we'd like to have between
// nodes that are connected. (It is, thus, the length we'd
// like our links to have.)
//now so it's time to turn
// things over to the force layout. Here we go.
// Next we'll add the nodes and links to the visualization.
// Note that we're just sticking them into the SVG container
// at this point. We start with the links. The order here is
// important because we want the nodes to appear "on top of"
// the links. SVG doesn't really have a convenient equivalent
// to HTML's `z-index`; instead it relies on the order of the
// elements in the markup. By adding the nodes _after_ the
// links we ensure that nodes appear on top of links.

// Links are pretty simple. They're just SVG lines, and
// we're not even going to specify their coordinates. (We'll
// let the force layout take care of that.) Without any
// coordinates, the lines won't even be visible, but the
// markup will be sitting inside the SVG container ready
// and waiting for the force layout.
  var link = svg.selectAll('.link')
  // Now it's the nodes turn. Each node is drawn as a flag.
  var node = d3.select('#flags').selectAll('img')
  //we return the exact flag of each country from the image
    .attr('class', function (d) { return 'flag flag-' + d.code; })
  //we call some classes to handle the mouse
    .on('mouseover', mouseoverHandler)
    .on("mouseout", mouseoutHandler);
  // We're about to tell the force layout to start its
  // calculations. We do, however, want to know when those
  // calculations are complete, so before we kick things off
  // we'll define a function that we want the layout to call
  // once the calculations are done.
  function tick(e){
    // First let's reposition the nodes. As the force
    // layout runs it updates the `x` and `y` properties
    // that define where the node should be positioned.
    // To move the node, we set the appropriate SVG
    // attributes to their new values. 
     node.style('left', function (d) { return d.x + 'px'; })
         .style('top', function (d) { return d.y + 'px'; })
    // We also need to update positions of the links.
    // For those elements, the force layout sets the
    // `source` and `target` properties, specifying
    // `x` and `y` values in each case.
    link.attr('x1', function(d){ return  d.source.x})
        .attr('y1',function(d){ return  d.source.y})
        .attr('x2', function(d){ return  d.target.x})
        .attr('y2',function(d){ return   d.target.y})
  //hover over a flag
  //the tooltip with the name of the country is going to show up
  function mouseoverHandler (d) {
     tooltip.transition().style('opacity', .9)
     tooltip.html('<p>' + d["country"] + '</p>' );
  //leaving a flag
  //the tooltip will disappear
  function mouseoutHandler (d) {
      tooltip.transition().style('opacity', 0);

  function mouseMoving (d) {
      tooltip.style("top", (d3.event.pageY-10)+"px").style("left",(d3.event.pageX+10)+"px").style("color","white");
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