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CSS Sliding menu with scroll, no JS were used


  1. Cool, I really like this. Font Awesome looks great. I might try and scroll and activate on-click instead of hover for touch screens.

  2. Thank you for the suggestions Taylor! I will try to implement scroll; it's definitely a must have function for any adaptive design.

  3. This is really awesome! It definitely gives me an idea or two for a place to start with a new menu for my own site. I did notice what may be considered a glitch, though. I'm using Chrome on my laptop, and i noticed that if you tab through nothing happens when any of the links get :active status. But that's not it... like when it tabs through the social media links it shifts those links partially into view, but even once the list expands with :hover, the whole thing is shifted out of frame to the left. You have to reload to get it back to normal. Even with that, it's still a gorgeous design! :D

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