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                <script src=""></script>

<input type="checkbox" id="repulsion-checkbbox" onclick="changeRepulsion(this.checked)"> Points repel

<svg id="scatterplot" width="400" height="300" style="background-color: #f0f0f0;"></svg>




                // Toy data with 5 points
let data = [
  {"x":50, "y":50, "r":10, "fill":"#990000", "fill_opacity": 0.4},
  {"x":55, "y":55, "r":20, "fill":"#009900", "fill_opacity": 0.4},
  {"x":60, "y":65, "r":15, "fill":"#000099", "fill_opacity": 0.4},
  {"x":130, "y":165, "r":10, "fill":"#009999", "fill_opacity": 0.4},
  {"x":130, "y":165, "r":20, "fill":"#900099", "fill_opacity": 0.4}

// Creates force simulation that, when enabled, allows points to repel each other
let sim = d3.forceSimulation(data);
sim.force("collision", d3.forceCollide(d => d.r)); // Repulsion force
sim.force("x_force", d3.forceX(d => d.x)); // Each point attacted to its center x and y
sim.force("y_force", d3.forceY(d => d.y));
sim.on('tick', drawPlot); // Redraws scatterplot at every simulation "tick"

// Uncomment both lines below lets simulation run forever with obvious movements
// sim.alphaDecay(0); // Allows simulation to run forever numerically
// sim.velocityDecay(0); // Movements become obvious

sim.stop(); // Simulation is off initially
drawPlot(); // Draws scatterplot (points overlap as simulation is off)

// Checks checkbox

 * Draws points and labels in scatterplot as described in data.
 * For points and labbels that are alreay draw, update their locations,
 * using (updated) values in data.
function drawPlot(){
  let points ="#scatterplot").selectAll("circle").data(data);
  let labels ="#scatterplot").selectAll("text").data(data);
  // For new points and labels (not drawn yet, e.g., when page loads), draw them
    .attr("cx", d => d.x)
    .attr("cy", d => d.y)
    .attr("r", d => d.r)
    .attr("fill", d => d.fill)
    .attr("fill-opacity", d => d.fill_opacity);
    .text(d => d.x + ", " + d.y)
    .attr("x", d => d.x + d.r)
    .attr("y", d => d.y)
    .attr("alignment-baseline", "middle"); // Vertically align text with point

  // For exiting points already drawn, update their locations, 
  // using (updated) values in data
    .attr("cx", d => d.x)
    .attr("cy", d => d.y);
    // .text(d => d.x + ", " + d.y)
    .attr("x", d => d.x + d.r)
    .attr("y", d => d.y);

* Points repel each other, when checkbbox is checked.
* When unchecked, repulson force is removed.
function changeRepulsion(isCheckboxChecked){
  if (isCheckboxChecked){
    sim.force("collision", d3.forceCollide(d => d.r)); // Add repulsion force back
  } else {
    sim.force("collision", null); // Removes repulsion force
  sim.alpha(1); // Alpha value of 1 resets simulation back to beginning