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Header design for my new website look


  1. Hi Johan, may I use this good idea to my project?

  2. Well, i've already used it in my own website (www.dreamdealer.nl), but feel free to adapt it in your own project as long as you don't just copy/paste it :)

  3. of course I won't just copy paste it my friend. anyway good work. I'll let you see my project if it is finished already. thx pal.

  4. I'm looking forward to see what you did with it! :)

  5. Hello Johan, I am a student from Denmark Working on an exam projekt at the moment and one of the task are to make a website. I found this PEN and i think i looks awesome. Now as far as i know and by what info i can gather all public PENS are open source (https://blog.codepen.io/legal/licensing/), but i dont want to use your code, without your permission, it will be most likely be a public website. We are not going to make any money of this or anything and i am of course going to change some things to make the code suit my website. But again i will not make the site public using this header unless i have your permission. -Lasse Dalsgaard Jensen, Student in Denmark

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