Happy Pi Day Challenge

#CCC is Back!

International Pi Day is March 14th (3/14), let's celebrate by doing som Pi themed Pens!

I've been missing the CodePen Creative Challenges (#CCC) that used to happen regularly. So much creative inspiration and energy comes pouring out of them. Since Pi day is comming I thought it could be fun to have a Happy Pi Day Challenge.

The "rules"

  • Create a Pen which has something to do with Pi.
  • Post a link to your Pen in the comments below. No embedded Pens please (they would slow the page to a crawl) - images are ok.
  • Tag Tweets and Pens #happypidaychallenge.
  • I will add your Pen to Happy Pi Day Challenge Collection
  • Starting now, ending Friday 18th.

I made one which compares the convergence speed of two algorithms for calculating Pi: Pi Calculator

For some inspiration you can explore the #pi tag on CodePen.

Did you know:


Now go create something to share with us!