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	This page was written as an assignment for It allows the user to randomly view a wikipedia page or search for one of there own. When the user searches a list should be given of all the possible results the user may have wanted so they can choose the appropriate page.
Author: Anthony Divitto
				( With some notable guidance from BlueCodeA on the forum. Thanks Man! )

@import url('|Oleo+Script');
		<h1 style="text-align:center; margin-top:5%; font-size:500%">FCC Wikpedia Viewer</h1>
		<!-- Get link to random page from project home page for this link-->
		<h1 style="text-align:center;">Click <a target="_blank" href="">here</a> to view a random page.</h1>
		<div class="container-fluid row">
			<div class="col-xs-3"></div>
				<input id="searchBox" type="text" value="Enter search here" class="col-xs-7"></input>
				<button id="submitButton" class="col-xs-2">Search</button>
		<div id="searchResults"></div>



                body {
  font-family: 'Oleo Script', cursive;
#searchBox {
#submitButton {
.result {
	margin: 2% 0% 0% 10%;
	font-family: 'Kalam', cursive;


                $( "document" ).ready( function( ) {
	$( "#submitButton" ).click( function( ) {
		var searchValue = "";
		// make sure the user has entered something to be searched for
		if( document.getElementById("searchBox").value !==	"" && document.getElementById( "searchBox" ).value !== "Enter search here" ) {
			searchValue = document.getElementById("searchBox").value;
			$.ajax( {
				// the link to receive the json with all the results
   			url: "" + searchValue + "&format=json&callback=?",
				// i'm not 100% on what data is doing here...
    		data: searchValue,
				// set the type of data to be received
    		dataType: 'json',
				// not sure what the next two lines are doing
    		type: 'POST',
    	  headers: { 'Api-User-Agent': 'Example/1.0' },
				// call this method if getting the json was possible
    	  success: function( json ) {
						// this while loop is suppossed to clear out any old results if any from prev searches
						// note: removed in favor of the empty() method as suggested by BlueCodeA
						// while( $( "#searchResults" ).firstChild ) $( "#searchResults" ).removeChild( $( "#searchResults" ).firstChild );
					  $( "#searchResults" ).empty();
						// the for loop is what builds the searchResults div tag
						for( var i = 0; i < json[1].length; i++ ) {
							// Thx BlueCodeA for pointing out that my links in the following line were not working with spaces using json[3][i] fixes the problem
							$( "#searchResults" ).append( "<div class='result'><a target='_blank' href=" + json[3][i] + '><u>' + json[1][i] + "<br>" + json[3][i] + "</u></a><br><p>" + json[2][i] + "</p></div>" );
						// erase the value of the search box so ifthe user wants to search again they don't have to erase themselves
						document.getElementById( "searchBox" ).value = "";
				// call if there was a problem getting the results
				error: function(  ) {
					alert( "ERROR!!" );
		} else { // the user did not enter a proper query