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  1. how?? Did you do this by hand?

  2. This is one of the most dirty, disgusting, and extraneous uses of web technology I've ever seen.


  3. Wow, this is horrible... in a good way haha πŸ˜‚

  4. I agree, this is absolutely terrible πŸ‘

  5. Well done! I have never had CSS make me feel so uncomfortable.

  6. @n0o0 if he did this by hand, he is truly insane. There are online tools... http://myxotod.github.io/shadow-image/

    This is the first I've seen of it being animated from a GIF though. Pretty cool.

  7. Preston @PrestonHaworth on

    That is insane! I can actually see some uses for this!

  8. @Jop It's the future and you know it!

    @n0o0 @brandonkennedy: I wrote a script around the following node library: https://github.com/scijs/get-pixels. Biggest challenge was to stay within the maximum code size CodePen has. Technically it's 1MB, but I found I couldn't save anything above about 650kb, so I had to scale down the resolution and skip frames a lot.

    Here's another one I made: https://codepen.io/DannyJoris/pen/YajLzj . For that one I rendered the background on the left once to remain static, and cut it out of the remaining frames to keep the size down: https://cloudup.com/c1Cs5ZeAooe .

    Here's some other CSS pixel experiments I've done: https://codepen.io/collection/DNpdLx/

  9. @DannyJoris do you mind if I use this in a talk I'm giving in 2 weeks at Codestock (with attribution?) Due to lack of quality internet at the venue, to show it off will require copying it into my code deck instead of just using CodePen.

  10. @ambrosey absolutely, feel free!

  11. Lol. You're amazing dude. haha

  12. as the gif msg, you are πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  13. Just... damn...

  14. Brilliant, well done. I love it when people push what can be done just because you can. This will open a much larger world that we can't imagine right now. I can see this being incorporated with JS to build some amazing things...

  15. WOW. For the sake of all mankind, I hope you’re not compelled to the dark side, Danny. Your evil genious powers are immense.

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