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  <h2> (re)Created poem constructed via a python script.</h2><h4> Sources: Octavia Butler, Hafiz, Malcolm X.</h4> <h4> Click and drag words to (re)Construct your own poem!</h4> 
<div id = quell> <p>The intelligent and the brave 
<br>Open every closet in the future and evict 
<br>the mind's ghosts who have the bad habit 
<br>of barfing everywhere
<br>God is Infinite Potential:
<br>God is Change
<br>rest all your elaborate plans and tactics 
<br>or Knowing Him 
<br>or they are all just frozen spring buds 
<br>So far from Summer's Divine Gold
<br>Get some fresh air try to smile
<br>You ache with loneliness one night 
<br>So much you weep 
<br>And I say 
<br>Here's a rope 
<br>Tie it around me 
<br> Hafiz 
<br>Will be your companion 
<br>For life
<br>Rest all your elaborate plans and tactics 
<br>For Knowing Him 
<br>For they are all just frozen spring buds 
<br>So far from Summer's Divine Gold
<br>The small man Builds cages for everyone He Knows
<br>God is Power
<br>persistence what remains is
<br> an enthusiasm of the moment
<br>It is Light breaking ground for a great Structure 
<br>That is your Real body-called Truth
<br>nature's non-violent army
<br>capitalist asian brothers
<br>black panther russia
<br>program asia
<br>group outlines can't
<br>transient causes human rights
<br>forty acres human rights
<br>black community religious services
<br>germans atlanta
<br>peer group expand
<br>true history human-rights tree
<br>racist government black nationalism involves
<br>nations-supervised civil rights
<br>prudence political action
<br>white racist government social circle

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