var startOffset=0;
var xpos = 30;
var dir = 1;
var speed = 2;
var l;

function setup() {
  // createCanvas(800,800)
   createCanvas(displayWidth+200, displayHeight);
      // createCanvas(800,400);
  // background('#fffff8')
  // Initialize all values


function draw(){
// translate(width/3, height/8);
  for (var l = 0;l< width;l+=20){
  //randomGaussian(mean, standard deviation)
  var g = randomGaussian(20,55)
  //noise is based on "Perlin Noise"
  var h = noise(startOffset)*200;
  //create a settomg tp adjust this color with a knob-maybe start with a slider to be asy
  var r = rect(l-500,h*PI,20, h);


  startOffset += 0.01;

// end draw

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