<div class = "poemBody">


             <span class='slabtext'>In</span>
         <span class='slabtext'>     Side </span>
         <span class='slabtext'>Each of us </span>
         <span class='slabtext'> is a portal to God and the sun </span>
         <!-- <span class='slabtext'>it opens when we're we peeled back </span>
         <span class='slabtext'>beneath such hurt and fear </span>
         <span class='slabtext'> its outside the bounds of what screams in the mirror</span> -->
         <span class='slabtext'>We’ve mistaken our weapons and masks </span>
           <span class='slabtext'>For our mouths and lungs </span>
           <span class='slabtext'>Confused what’s happened to us </span>
           <span class='slabtext'> For what we’ve become</span>

           <div class = "poemTitle">
             <div data-lining class = "vtxt">
          We humans<br /> often mistake</br> Our portals of possibility</br>
         For the certainty of a sunset


body {
/*background-color: #0F3B72;
color: #fffff8;*/
           padding:20px 0;
           margin:0 auto;
           transform: scale(.35);
  transform-origin: 0 0;


.poemBody {
  width: 66%;

  left: 75%;
  /*width: 66%;*/

.vtxt {
    font-size: 4em;
    color: #333;
    -webkit-writing-mode: vertical-rl;
    writing-mode: vertical-rl;
.vtxt .line:first-of-type {
    font-size: 5.5em;
    color: #D0496A;
.vtxt .line:first-of-type small {
    color: #333;
    font-size: .6666666em;

  font-size: 9px;
.slabtexted .slabtext
    display: -moz-inline-box;
    display: inline-block;
    white-space: nowrap;
.slabtextinactive .slabtext
    display: inline;
    white-space: normal;
    font-size: 1em !important;
    letter-spacing: inherit !important;
    word-spacing: inherit !important;
    *letter-spacing: normal !important;
    *word-spacing: normal !important;
.slabtextdone .slabtext
    display: block;
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         fontactive: slabTextHeadlines,
         fontinactive: slabTextHeadlines
     (function() {
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