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  .factory('YOUR_FACTORY', function($http){
    // This function will return an http promise
    var updateListing = function(listingId, YOUR_NEW_DATA) {
      Here is the data we are passing to the backend
      You can access this data on your server by doing something like this
      (if you are using node.js)
      var listingID = req.body.listingId
      var newData =
      var putData = {
        listingId : listingId,
        data : YOUR_NEW_DATA
      return $http({
        method: 'PUT',
        url : YOUR_END_POINT, // for example http://localhost:3000/api/listings
        data: putData
    // We return the functions we created so they can be accessed outside this factory
    return {
      updateListing : updateListing

// In your controller do something like

  .controller('YOUR_CONTROLLER', function($scope, YOUR_FACTORY){
    $scope.updateListing = function(listingId, newData) {
      Call the function we created in the service
      The function returns a promise, which has a .then .catch and .finally
      .then will run if the http request is successful
      .catch will run if the http request is unsuccessful
      .finally always runs, regardless if the request was successful or not
      YOUR_FACTORY.updateListing(listingId, newData)
          // do something with response
        .catch(function(err) {
          // do something with error
          // this will run everytime