Hej Bloggis !! (Katarina's suggestions on how to start blog posts). First of all sorry for the delay on updating the blog, but too many things on my plate atm so I've been postponing this specially for Sunday at 23:30ish.

Well, on Wednesay we got together without our club's foundator Mr Martin (definetely missed). Patricio was in charge of the breakfast and the late blog post as you can see now.

Straight to the point:

Ian talked about Flexbox and showed this pen called Flexbox Playground. (I'm still playing around since it seems I haven't got enough of this flexbox magic).

See the Pen Flexbox playgroung by ComeonCreative (@ComeonCreative) on CodePen.

Ian aslo added an extra tip: GitHub for Noobs (course online started few days ago)

Katarina chose to talk about Bulma (http://bulma.io/), which is a CSS framework based on Flexbox (pretty amazing, huh? it is on v0.0.10 Alpha - active development) Bulma includes a Grid System, Flexible navbar and tons of other goodies. It is also very customizable and integrates well with Sass.

Patricio talked about PageSpeed Insights (from Google Developers) which is a tool for measure performance of a page on mobile and desktop devices.

They generate a score and provide tips on how to improve the performance. They also tell you the things you are doing wrong and how to fix them (they even get you a link to download all the assests of your page optimised, what???? this means Images, JS and CSS, take ma' money yo!)

We saw how our site Comeon.com (both mobile and desktop) performs very poor (54/100 for mobile and 28/100 for desktop, sad!, have we shown this to biz people?) and discussed about the myth of reaching the maximum score of 100 points, when even google ranks 88/100. So I created this gift "special request" for you Ian, enjoy it! LOL!

Insert meme "like a boss" here.

@Martin, I hope you are getting red like a crab and having a great time with your family. Blessings all the way to Thailand.

Your meme.

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