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First attempt at SVG's with CSS. Responsive and interactive Icon.

This Pen is a fork, but the parent Pen has been deleted.


  1. nice work! it doesn't seem to work with vertical resize, only horizontal

  2. Yeah was only my first experiment so only set horizontal breakpoints. Was more a proof of concept really!

  3. There's a bug when you hover the center of the bulb,and repeat doing mouse left and right quickly. you'll find that the light will become bigger and bigger. But it's still a great work! really inspires me. Besides, your work is so great that even in a China HTML5 website had recorded your work,( http://www.html5cn.org/article-6826-1.html) but it's a shame that they didn't mention your name.

  4. Thanks! Yeah there's a few cut corners as was just mucking about, I haven't made it as cross browser friendly as I could as was more of a personal experiment. Real annoying a few sites have ripped the code and not credited it.

  5. Very good job! Thank you for that!

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