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A very skeuomorphic take on a flat design classic. Mucking around to learn about svg animation


  1. Dick @doctordickbaker on

    This... This is amazing.

  2. Punny

  3. Wonderful.

  4. Amazing! :)

  5. This is beyond beautiful. It's burgerful.

  6. This makes me want a nice burger... haha love it!

  7. Realy Awesome :)

  8. I really like this. In the right context this would be really cool!
    A few recommendations.

    -Try making the burger smaller so that its more like the size of a real burger icon - Try making the graphic more simple - a little more abstract. It will make a stronger statement if its a little more like a real burger icon. - I love the fries too! I suggest the same changes to the fries also.

    Looks great! really creative!


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